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The Kingdom of the Wold

Ruler: High King Duncan mac Crinain
Religion: Arin (Aregon Variant)

The Kingdom of Wold is found on a small section of land on the west coast, flush against the Northern Wilds. It is named Wold (The Wall) because of the large barricade which has been erected, pushing against the Northern Wilds and keeping the creatures to be found there out of the region. The Wold is ruled by a king, chosen from the seven Clans that are in the region, and elected to position. If this High King fails in his duties, he is sacrificed ritually, to appease the gods and prevent their wrath, and a new High King is elected.

Each Clan consists of a number of families, all who carry the name of the Clan as well as their own family name. The Clans attempt to expand the territory of the Wold, keeping out the monsters and barbarians who assault their domain, and explore into the ruins of the Northern Wilds, attempting to learn of the legends and history of the region.

The People of the Wall come from Aregon, and hold to many of the beliefs of the Aregon people. They settled generations back, a group of families lost in a powerful storm. Having grown and flourished, they have settled in, and only have vague memory of their roots in Aregon, having become accustomed to their place. Only recently have they begun the construction of ships once more, and have begun to explore the western coast of Kith Kanaan. Their exposure to other nations have been very limited, restricted almost exclusively with Drachen, and only just beginning to begin trade with Tarantis, who have found the Wold to be a decent region to launch expeditions to the New World.


The People of the Wall worship the Arin pantheon, following in the path of their ancestors from Aregon. In addition, the Tarantis ambassadors have attempted to introduce the Joshuite faith, though it has not taken root in the region yet.


The People of the Wall have a fierce code of honour. To them, a person is not an adult until they know how to fight and take a beating. They believe in ‘sins of the blood’, thus the crimes of the parents are carried to the children, and this can last up to seven generations. This becomes important when dealing with others – those who have infernal blood are thought to be especially cursed and evil – and no amount of talk will convince them otherwise. People with the blood of faerie are feared, especially if it is thought they have come from beyond the Wall. Those who are punished are banished into the Northern Wilds to fend for themselves.

Common Names

Names are presented as <name> mac <father’s name> dal <Clan>. Mac- translates as ‘son of’, while Dal- translates to 'of the Clan <Clan Name>'. The Seven Clans of the Wold are: Clan Allpean (Alpin), Clan Strathclyde, Clan Dunkeld, Clan Moray, Clan Bailliol, Clan Bruis, and Clan Stewart. If the character is female, use <name> nic <father’s name> dal <Clan> if she is leader of the family, or <name> nic <mother’s name> nic <Clan> if she is second (or later) born and has no influence in the family.

Someone who is sworn to a member of the Seven Clans, but is not a member of the bloodline may take the Clan name with the prefix of ‘gil’ or ‘kil’<master’s name> dal <Clan>. (Example: Keller kil Niles dal Stewart means ‘Keller, who serves Niles of Steward’). Mercenaries usually take the name of Giolla, which means ‘servant’, though some sworn individuals may take it as well. (Keller mac Giolla dal Steward, which means ‘Keller who serves Clan Steward’). The name chosen often indicates whether the person is loyal to the Clan or to the family member.

Male: Aden, Alistair, Blaine, Brandon, Caine, Conan, Daire, Donovan, Ennis, Ewan, Fionn, Flynn, Gallagher, Guthrie, Herne, Hogan, Keith, Kyle, Logan, Lynn, Malcolm, Murphy, Nevin, Niall, Oran, Oscar, Quade, Quinn, Reilly, Ryan, Shane, Sullivan, Teagan, Tremain, Zephan

Female: Aileen, Aisling, Breanna, Brynn, Caitlin, Ciara, Deirdre, Devin, Eileen, Erin, Fiona, Flynn, Gael, Guinivere, Hazel, Isleen, Isolde, Jeanine, Jeanne, Kaelyn, Kayla, Lassie, Lorna, Maeve, Moira, Naomh, Noreen, Ormanda, Ownah, Peigi, Phiala, Quillan, Quinn, Riona, Rosaleen, Shannon, Shea, Tara, Teagan, Una, Vevina, Zephan

Sample Clan: Duwier

Note: The current NPC members of the nobility of the Duwier clan are not available to Players. The Clan is the intellectual property of one of the Players, He allows 'common' members of the clan to be played, however, with permission.

Current PC members: Arkloyd (First boy: Prince), Sera (Third Girl), Campbell
The Noble family is 'Alistair' (The current Patriarch).

Once a loose tribe of purely Savage Blooded denizens of the Northern Wilds, as the Wold was forming, the Duwier tribe took a stubborn foothold inside the very border that the people of Aregon were fighting to maintain. They made no trouble, and were permitted to remain if they aided the seven major Clans in erecting the Wall. That they did.
The tribe formed long ago when the fledgling tribe (A mostly Raccoon group) was visited by a being which looked rather like them, but held strange abilities, and the tribe took to calling him 'Old Grandfather' after realizing his other-worldly nature, and appeasing him with offerings of food, drink, and females...

His sons and daughters took on a touch of his nature, and were also worshipped, and became the rulers of the tribe. Jaga Baba took interest in 'Old Grandfather', who was forced to flee, and her vengeful eye fell, instead, upon his progeny, who quickly fell to obsequious knee before the 'common' members of the tribe, humbling themselves to spare their lives. Let to live, they remained the Rulers of the tribe, but were no longer considered 'godlings'. Ever since, the Duwier family have been matriarchal, mirroring the worship of Jaga Baba that spared them.

Today, the Duwier clan mostly retains their ancient Animistic ways, and stubbornly cling to the ideal of Female rule. The Fae (Miko-Kami: Tanuki) touch lingering still in their noble line, and the fact that to the last, they still retain the 'Wilds Taint' of the Savage bloodline, as well as other 'strange ways' have left them perpetually in the status of a Minor Clan, usually considered the Wold's dirtiest little secret. Great pains are taken to keep them out of Court matters if at all possible.

Only recently has the current Matriarch been swayed to the Arin faith in a bid for favour with the Great Clans, and she impresses this upon her family and Clan, some of which only pay lip service, while retaining their 'old faith'.

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