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The Unfettered (also called Untouchable) are the special champions of Arion. Each Unfettered is specifically chosen by Arion for reasons which are never particularly clear, though it is often believed they are agents of change and help enforce his will upon the world.

Creating an Unfettered

Unfettered are significantly rare, and a person can only become one during a moment of crisis. During a turning point in the person's life, the person must reject what is happening with all their heart, being willing to do anything to change what has occured.

At this point, Arion manifests, offering them a chance to alter their fate. Accepting the offer usually causes the event they had witnessed to be altered, though not always in the way the person may have wished. In exchange, they are removed from the Tapestry, becoming timeless, an immortal in the service of Arion.


Unfettered are not always willing servants of Arion. They are aware that anything they do is very likely a part of Arion's plan, and while some embrace this, others fight against it for centuries. Unfettered are not always heroes, some of the greatest evils are among the Untouchables. Each, however, is an iconic individual who represents some force in Kith Kanaan.


Each Unfettered gains the following Powers:

  • Immortal 4
  • Longevity 5
  • Regeneration 2


Each Untouchable is granted a unique gift suitable to their nature, and a curse. The gift is related to the iconic nature of the individual, while the curse is related to the reason the character became Untouchable in the first place.

Untouchables do not get along with each other. In the presence of one another both members tend to feel a intense dislike, usually manifesting as an increased +4 Difficulty on all Mental, Spiritual, and Social rolls.

Unfettered are not a part of the Tapestry. This makes them very hard to notice with scrying and with other methods of detection. An Unfettered has an Anti-Scrying with a potency equal to their Spiritual Attribute + Meditation Skill, reducing the successes of any scrying attempt on them by their total. Attempts to use Know Fate on them is compared to this Potency.

Unfettered do become famous over time, but mostly through reputation, and not through the actions they have actually performed. Strangely, an Unfettered can do heroic and great deeds, or terrible and evil deeds, and these rarely make it into the history books or into the public consciousness. Instead, civilization makes a tapestry of legends about the Unfettered, that tends to paint the individual in a very specific light, but with very little details. Only those individuals who were actually at any event with the Unfettered can give details about what was done -- but otherwise the deeds of the Untouchable simply fade away.

An Unfettered who is somehow killed finds themselves awakened within the Hall of Heroes, fully restored, with the equipment that is most recognized as 'theirs'. In some cases, Unfettered are removed from the land they were born in, and transferred to other realms that Arion holds influence over, often to further Arion's plans for that realm.

Killing an Unfettered

The only true way to kill an Unfettered is within the presence of another Unfettered. The two Unfettered do not have to fight one another (as doing so is a Bad Thing), but they must be within sight of each other for the chance of destroying one. While within close range to one another (50 feet or less), neither Untouchable has Undying. This is called Witnessing.

This changes if the two Untouchables fight. Once they engage in conflict with one another, the impact upon the Tapestry is damaging. Storms, natural disasters, and supernatural phenomenon begin to erupt in the region, and spread out as the Untouchables battle one another. Coming into conflict with one another in such a way re-activates the Undying abilities of the Unfettered.

Known Untouchables (NPCs)

Dove, Archon of Life
(Icon: Mercy)
Dove is the daughter of Mika and Lairu, and is the Archon of Life. She serves Arion as a force of life in Kith Kanaan, and her very presence heals those around her. Her curse is to feel the pain of every death in Kith Kanaan. She chose to become an untouchable when the former untouchable, Shaden Darkwing, broke free of his curse, and lay dying. The key to her freedom requires every other untouchable to be freed of their curses.

Laurathalasia, Champion of the Emerald Adepts
(Icon: Revenge)
Laura Clearbrook is a powerful member of the Emerald Adepts, and while not their leader, could easily take the position. Her family was destroyed by monsters from the Northern Wilds, and she vowed vengeance against them and all their kind. Her vow was heard by Arion, and she accepted a position among his champions. Her gift is to be an unstoppable force, immune to any weapon forged by mortal or immortal. Her curse is to feel nothing but anger and hatred. Her curse is broken when she allows herself to feel true love for another.

Tzepesh hai Naydene
(Icon: Cunning)
Tzepesh is the son of the vampiric dragon known as Naydene. Once her champion, he turned against her and sided with the people of Threshold in destroying the dragon’s hold on Kith Kanaan. His wife was mortally wounded in the war, and he bargained with Arion to spare her. He did not know his wife was an incarnation of the goddess of magic, but Arion accepted his offer. His gift is to be a leader, charismatic and impossible to deny. His curse is that, while he can hold power, his power can not be kept for very long or tragedy befalls those who follow him. His curse will be broken when he allows others to lead for him, and accepts the leadership of others without interference.

Former Untouchables

Tempest Power, Warlord of the Citadel
(Icon: Destruction)

Sandra Darkblade, High Priestess of the Sisterhood
(Icon: Chastity)

Shaden, Leader of the Horsemen
(Icon: Justice)

Talis, Mother of Gypsies
(Icon: Protection)