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Transmutation is the art of alteration, the ability to make something become something else. Those who study the path of transmutation study the means of controlling the world around them, and shaping it to suit their needs and desires. Transmutation is a direct style of magic, and can produce incredible results in the hands of the gifted sorcerer. All spells in Transmutation are divided into Minor, Major, or Drastic Effects. To decide whether a spell is Minor, Major, or Drastic, the caster should choose the category that applies the most to the type of spell being cast.

Minor Transmutation

  • The effect is temporary.
  • The effect is subtle or non-invasive.
  • The process creating the effect could be duplicated through mundane means, the passage of time, or the effects of the environment.
  • The effect does not have a long-term impact on the subject or does not have a lasting impact on the subject’s life.
  • The effect does not have a long-term impact on the environment or does not have a lasting impact on the environment.

Major Transmutations

  • The effect is natural.
  • The effect is invasive or noticeable.
  • The process alters the world in an unnatural way, though the end result appears possible through mundane means.
  • The effect has a direct impact on the subject or alters the subject’s life for the immediate future.
  • The effect has a major impact on the environment or alters the environment for the immediate future.

Drastic Transmutation

  • The effect is unnatural.
  • The effect is traumatic or obvious.
  • The process alters the world in an obviously supernatural way, and the end results are not possible through natural or mundane means.
  • The effect is a major disruption to the subject or alters the subjects life in the long term.
  • The effect is a major disruption of the environment or alters the environment for the long term.

Alteration Spells

The sorcerer alters an aspect of the target, transforming them into something different from what they were. Many Transmutation spells are either natural or lasting effects, depending on what sort of transformation is given. For example, a false memory planted in a target’s mind does not fade away with a duration – the target has the memory, which remains until the targets forgets naturally. If a victim is transformed into a tree, this can be made a lasting effect, making the person remain a tree at the conclusion of the spell – no duration required.

When creating an Alteration Spell, the sorcerer must decide which aspect of the target is being affected. This manifests as either Mental, Physical, Social, or Spiritual if the target of the spell is a person or entity. The sorcerer then decides whether they wish to Control, Create, Remove, or Modify the aspect being targeted.


The spell allows the caster to direct or command the aspect, giving the sorcerer the ability to subtly or directly manipulate the aspect as the caster wishes. This may be a domination of the target’s mind (Mental), or cause the victim to perform a physical action against their will (Physical), or direct the emotions of the victim as the caster desires (Social). It may also be used to command a spirit discovered in the region (Spiritual).


The spell allows the caster to create a new aspect, giving the sorcerer the means to manipulate the target directly. This may be to create false memories in a target (Mental), grow wings on the target (Physical), create a new personality (Social), or awaken the target’s perception to the spiritual world (Spiritual).


The spell allows the caster to alter the target, changing what already exists. This is not the same as Control (which allows the caster to direct the aspect), but instead shifts an aspect from one thing to another. This may be to alter the memories of the target (Mental), shape the target into a new form (Physical), alter the allegiances of the target (Social), or twist the creative talents of the target (Spiritual).


The spell allows the caster to destroy or remove the aspect in some fashion, preventing the subject from having that aspect. The sorcerer can remove knowledge from the target, or bar them from ever learning that knowledge again (Mental). The spell may destroy one of the target’s senses (Physical), or wipe the ability to feel a specific emotion (Social). It could strip the subject of their faith, barring them from performing Miracles (Spiritual).

Environmental Spells

The sorcerer alters an aspect of Creation, transforming the environment, creating new aspects, modifying what exists, or utterly destroying an aspect of Creation itself. The sorcerer decides what the spell will target, then chooses whether they wish to Control, Create, Modify, or Remove the aspect being target.


The sorcerer commands the aspect, directing it as they see fit. This may be to direct the winds in a certain direction, or to cause the earth to move and shift under the sorcerer’s will.


The sorcerer draws Essence from beyond Creation and pulls it into the world to create a new object. The sorcerer can create orichalcum, or have a tree grow from nothing.


The sorcerer alters something within Creation, performing alchemy to transform it from one thing to another. The sorcerer can turn lead to gold, or can shape stone into wood. Altering an object while keeping the properties that already exist is Control, not Modify.


The sorcerer destroys the target, removing them from Creation and sending them back beyond as raw Essence. The sorcerer can use this to affect any non-living object in Creation.

Aspect Type Difficulty Severity Essence Cost
Mental Control 8 or Resolve Minor 4
Create 7 or Resolve Major 6
Modify 5 or Resolve Drastic 8
Remove 6 or Resolve
Physical Control 5 or Defence Minor 5
Create 8 or Defence Major 7
Modify 7 or Defence Drastic 9
Remove 6 or Defence
Social Control 6 or Resolve Minor 3
Create 5 or Resolve Major 5
Modify 4 or Resolve Drastic 7
Remove 7 or Resolve
Spiritual Control 6 or Resistance Minor 4
Create 7 or Resistance Major 6
Modify 5 or Resistance Drastic 8
Remove 8 or Resistance
Environment Control 5 or Hardness or Potency Minor 3
Create 8 or Hardness or Potency Major 6
Modify 6 or Hardness or Potency Drastic 9
Remove 7 or Hardness or Potency

Elemental Spells

Elemental Spells allow the sorcerer to unleash raw power at a target. This manifests as an Effect, the sorcerer directing the effect at the target in an attempt to strike them. This is considered an attack, while the defender may attempt to use their Defence as normal. The sorcerer’s assault inflicts (Potency) D (Might) Wounds upon the target, which may be Soaked as normal. An Elemental Spell may use any Effect, but if the sorcerer does not possess the Effect normally, the Difficulty and Essence Cost of the Spell is increased by two. Spell Effects affect Elemental Spells as normal.

Effect Difficulty Essence Cost
Essence 4 or Defence, Hardness, or Potency 3
Health 6 or Defence, Hardness, or Potency 1

Unique Modifier

Elemental Spells are not suitable for extended duration, and is severely weakened the longer the sorcerer wishes to stretch out the power of the spell. The victim of an ongoing Elemental Spell rolls their Soak at the beginning of each Round that they are subject to the effect.

Duration Difficulty Essence Cost Potency Modifier
Concentration Active Until Broken +3 +2 –3
Self-Sustaining (Half Might) Rounds +1 +3 –2
(Half Might) Minutes +3 +5 –4
(Half Might) Hours +5 +5 –6
(Half Might) Days +7 +7 –8
(Half Might) Weeks +9 +7 –10