The Worshippers of Nyx

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Currently the youngest of the Rymnian faiths, the Lunitar were created by the goddess Nyx in response to the need to protect her faithful from the predations of the undead. They are the knights of shadow, a reflection of Kij’s Solinar, able to penetrate the darkest places of the world, and root out the evils that exist there while the paladins of Kij stand in the sun. The two orders are not in competition, but are a compliment to one another.

The Lunitar

Skills: Blades, Stealth
Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 12
Region: Shire Lands

Symbol: A Crescent Moon on a Black Disk

Orders Abilities

Hunters of the Damned (Lunitar Benefit)

The Lunitar are hunters of the infernal and the undead. Nyx has blessed her faithful with a number of abilities associated with this:

  • Any time someone within Might yards spends or loses Health or Essence, the Lunitar immediately recovers one point in the appropriate Trait. If an Infernal or Undead is the one losing the Health or Essence, the Lunitar actually pulls more from them, increasing their Health or Essence loss by an additional point.
  • By spending 2 Essence and an Instant Action, the Lunitar can shield themselves from Infernal and Undead opponents. Any attempt by such entities to detect the Lunitar loses a number of Successes equal to the Lunitar’s Might. The Lunitar becomes visible if they perform an obvious action such as an attack, but can remain concealed by spending an additional Essence with the Action.
  • By spending 2 Essence and an Action, the Lunitar can make a spiritual attack using Spiritual + Occultism against a living target’s Resistance. The victim is stricken blind for a number of Rounds equal to the character’s Might + Successes. (See Afflictions: Blindness)

The Lunitar Oath (Lunitar Investment)

The Lunitar gains access to the Death and Shadow Spell Effects, and can shape these effects, creating armour, shields, and weapons, or and can imbue them long enough to forge them into Mithral for a temporary period of time. Each Effect is done as an Action, allowing the character to provide themselves with defences or attacks as they need. It takes 2 Essence to prepare this Ability for a Scene, and the character may use this Ability for Active Defence, paying the normal Essence Cost. In addition, by spending 2 Essence and a Full Round Action, any armour, shield, or weapon crafted transforms into Mithral for the Scene, vanishing when the Scene ends.

In addition, the Lunitar gains access to the Aura Power while this Ability is active, and can use either the Death or the Shadow Spell Effect in conjunction with this Power. While the Aura is active, the character reduces the Successes of all Merits, Spells, and Affliction and Charm Powers used against the Lunitar or anyone within the Lunitar’s aura is reduced by the character’s Might if the source of the effect is from an Infernal or Undead.

  • Damage: Weapon Damage or Might, whichever is better.
  • Soak: Might (or Mithral Hardness if transmuted)
  • Defence: Half Might (or Half Mithral Hardness if transmuted)

Finally, the Lunitar is protected from death, gaining the Immortal Power. The Lunitar may waive the DP Cost, replacing Minimum Successes with Additional Successes. Upon death, the Lunitar can spend an amount of DP equal to their Might to activate this ability. The Lunitar’s body disappears in a soft violet glow and after one Lunar Month (28 days), the Lunitar steps out of the Rymnian Gate closest to the character’s place of death, memories intact. The Lunitar has no recollection of events that occurred while dead, however.

The Moon Priests

Skills: Awareness, Occultism
Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 10 Region: Shire Lands

Symbol: A Half Moon on a Black Disk

Orders Abilities

Drawing Down the Moon (Moon Priest Ritual)

The character performs a Results Roll, rolling Spiritual + Occultism and taking a number of Actions equal to the base Difficulty of the roll. The character sheds their own blood using a silver or mithral dagger, suffering one Wound as part of enacting the ritual. For each additional Wound the character sheds, they gain one Additional Success on the roll. The maximum amount of Wounds the character is allowed to inflict upon themselves is equal to the character’s Might. Once completed, the Potency of the roll is added as Additional Successes to all Rituals or Miracles that the character performs for the Scene.

Heart of the Dreaming (Moon Priest Miracle)

By spending 4 Essence before the character goes to sleep, they may draw upon the connection between their goddess and the Dream Realm. The character makes a Results Roll, using Spiritual + Occultism, and must sleep a number of hours undisturbed equal to the Difficulty of the roll. The character is given a vision by the goddess, through symbolism and metaphor, and remembers it upon waking. The Potency of the roll becomes a Vision Pool, which may be spent over the course of the day. The character may spend points from this Pool to ask the game master if the consequences of an action about to be performed by themselves or someone they see is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for the character, gaining one answer per point of Pool spent. Once the character has the answer, they may decide to allow the action to continue, or can try to prevent it from happening. The character may sacrifice all their Pool on a single Action in a moment of ‘clarity’. For each point of Pool sacrificed, the Difficulty of the Action is reduced by one.

Moon Signs (Moon Priest Training)

The Moon Priest is capable of placing a sacred tattoo on a person, granting them the ability to access the tattoo as needed. The character makes a Spiritual + Artistry roll, using the Tattooing or Body Paint Specialty. This is a Results Roll, which takes a number of hours equal to the Difficulty.

If the Moon Priest wishes to make the tattoo permanent, it costs either the Priest or the recipient 5 DP. If it will be temporary, it costs 4 Essence. Temporary Signs last a (Might x 2) days before they lose potency.

A person is allowed a number of Signs equal to their Might at the same time. Activating a Sign is done as a Full Round Action, but it may be activated as an Instant Action for 1 Essence. Moon Signs remain active for (Might) Rounds. Sun and Moon Signs do not produce cumulative effects, the most Potent effect is used.

  • The Bat: +Potency to Initiative.
  • The Centipede: Naked touch is painful, causing Potency penalty to the Initiative of the next person touched for the duration. Expended when used.
  • The Crescent Moon: Character becomes obscured, gaining the mark’s Potency as Additional Successes on all Stealth rolls.
  • The Eclipse: Infernal and Undead with a Resolve less than the Potency of the mark can not see or hear the character for the mark’s duration.
  • The Full Moon: The character’s unarmed strikes are treated as Mithral, gaining all the benefits of that metal. Unarmed attacks do Damage (Potency).
  • The Half Moon: +Potency to Resistance and Resolve.
  • The New Moon: Naked touch causes blindness and deafness, increasing the Difficulty of all Actions for the next person touched by the Potency of the mark for the duration. Expended when used.
  • The Owl: Character’s vision becomes incredible, gaining the mark’s Potency as Additional Successes on all Awareness rolls.
  • The Scorpion: Naked touch drains energy, reducing the Essence of the next person touched by the Potency of the mark. Expended when used.
  • The Shadow: Character transforms into shadow, reducing the Damage of any physical attack by the Potency of the mark. The character’s physical attacks have the same reduction.
  • The Wolf: Character gains the mark’s Potency as Additional Successes on all Endurance and Integrity Skill rolls.

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