The Worshippers of Mera

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The faithful of Mera are masters of water and ice, enjoying the open seas and the frozen regions of the north. Mera has sent her worshippers out to explore the vast seas and waters surrounding Kith Kanaan, and to aid the pirates of the Roan Isles. Some of the more adventurous have spread north, wishing to explore the frozen lands above Kith Kanaan. The Chromara are sailors and explorers, using ships and their mastery of the water to explore, while the Visionaries use water and ice to see distant lands and to gain knowledge.

The Chromara

Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 10
Skills: Pole, Sail
Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abilities

Caress of Mera (Chromara Benefit)

The Chromara is blessed by Ixra, and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might on all rolls using the Athletics, Endurance, Pole, and Sail Skills. In addition, by spending one Essence and an Action as an Active Defence, the character can sheath themselves briefly in water or ice and increase their Soak by their Might against a single roll.

Will Over Water (Chromara Miracle)

The Chromara gains access to the Ice and Water Spell Effects, and can shape water and transmute it into ice. The character can alter and shape ice or water at a range up to (Might x 10) yards.

The character is capable of shaping weapons, giving themselves armour, or creating shields out of ice or creating weapons or shields out of manifested water as they need. Each of these effects can be done as an Action, allowing the character to provide themselves defences or attacks as they need. It takes 2 Essence to prepare this Ability for a Scene, and the character may use this Ability for Active Defence, paying the normal Essence Cost. The Chromara can use any Skill with this Ability that is appropriate to the action the character wishes to perform, but the character must use their Spiritual Attribute. The Hardness of the attack depends on the character’s Might, or if the item is crafted of ice, whichever is better. If shaping water, the water has a Hardness equal to Half Might.

  • Damage: Weapon Damage or Might for Ice whichever is better, or Half Might for Water.
  • Soak: Hardness or Might, whichever is better for Ice, or Might for water.
  • Defence: Half Hardness or Half Might for Ice, whichever is better, or Half Might for water.

When used in combat, the character must first release a prior effect or face a Concentration Penalty, losing one Success from all further rolls for each effect which is being sustained. In most cases, shaped ice will remain in the form it is currently in, or will collapse if it is in a flexible shape. Manifested water tends to simply collapse.

The Visionaries

Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 10
Skills: Herbalist, Occultism
Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abilities

Reflecting Pool (Visionary Miracle)

The Visionary is capable of using a pool of water to look elsewhere in the world. The character places an object from the region they wish to scrye into the pool of water, or they must have a personal object owned by the target if they wish to look at someone specifically. The Potency of this vision is equal to the character’s Might, and the character must spend 3 Essence to be able to scrye for a Scene.

Body of Water (Visionary Miracle)

The Visionary is capable of transforming into a form of Water Elemental. The Visionary spend 4 Essence, and can remain in the form for a number of hours equal to the character’s Might. While in this form, the character gains the Water Spell Effects, as well as the Incorporeal and Water Baby Powers. The character is immune to all Afflictions while in this form, and need not breathe, eat, or sleep.

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