The Worshippers of Kij

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Sun Worshippers

Deity: Kij
Titles: The Sun
Holy Times: Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Spring Equinox.
Symbol: Golden Sphere or Disk. Painted Tribal fur patterns.
Holy Signs: Eclipse (Kij in Battle), Sun Showers
Holy Weapons: Sun Sword
Familiars: The Phoenix
Quote: "Faith is the courage to believe in something greater than yourself."


  • Celebrate Life in all its forms.
  • Heal the injured, the diseased, and the cursed.
  • Destroy the undead who bring death and destruction. Leaves alone those who do no harm.
  • Violence is not Kij’s way.

History of Kij

Once, Kij was one of the youngest goddesses of Rym. In the last three thousand years, however, she was nearly destroyed, and hunted by the City Mind and by the Spiral. Her chosen, the lutrai, have shielded her, taken her faith as their own, and have spread her worship to Kith Kanaan. With the recovery of the Solinar Codex, Kij has risen as one of the most powerful of the divinities of Rym, and her people have sworn to reclaim Rym and restore their world.

The faithful of Kij dedicate themselves to the preservation of life and hope, and to the banishment of the Spiral. The Solinar were holy knights, but they were first and foremost the defenders of life, the symbol of the shield was more important than the symbol of the sword. What were once the animistic traditions of the lutrai have grown and evolved with the influence of Kij, becoming a powerful and sacred force for the light. The Sun Priests are holy shamans, capable of drawing upon the powers of the animistic spirits that surround them, and directing them as part of the faithful’s sacred duties.


The Worshippers of Kij are a religion of peace and joy, who do not accept violent members into their community. They look after their community, keeping harmony with it, and protect it from outsiders who would do harm. They do not hate the undead, but for those who are violent, they see a need to "nudge" the undead on into the next life.

The Solar Temple in The Shire Lands is the most well-known shrine of Kij, and is a gate-way back to the lands of Rym. The lutrai are strangers to Kith Kanaan, but their easy-going nature and general cheerfulness has made them a welcome part of the community. A large number of the lutrai and those who have converted to the faith of Kij have headed south in recent years to do battle against the rising tides of undead and demons found there.

Not too long ago, it was discovered that Lairu, the head paladin of Kij in Kith Kanaan, was the chosen representative of the god Arion, who has accepted Kij as a partner and not a rival. As such, Arion's Pantheon works hand in hand with the sun worshippers as kindred spirits.

The Solinar

Skills: Blades, Shields
Status: Public, Religious
Resiources: 13 Region: Shire Lands

Symbol: A Sun Disk

Order Abilities

The Solinar Oath (Solinar Investment)

The Solinar gains access to the Life and Light Spell Effects, and can shape these effects, creating armour, shields, and weapons, or and can imbue them long enough to forge them into Orichalcum' for a temporary period of time. Each Effect is done as an Action, allowing the character to provide themselves with defences or attacks as they need. It takes 2 Essence to prepare this Ability for a Scene, and the character may use this Ability for Active Defence, paying the normal Essence Cost. In addition, by spending 2 Essence and a Full Round Action, any armour, shield, or weapon crafted transforms into Orichalcum for the Scene, vanishing when the Scene ends.

In addition, the Solinar gains access to the Aura Power while this Ability is active, and can use either the Life or the Light Spell Effect in conjunction with this Power. While the Aura is active, the character reduces the Successes of all Merits, Spells, and Affliction and Charm Powers used against the Solinar or anyone within the Solinar’s aura is reduced by the character’s Might if the source of the effect is from an Infernal or Undead.

  • Damage: Weapon Damage or Might, whichever is better.
  • Soak: Might (or Orichalcum Hardness if transmuted)
  • Defence: Half Might (or Half Orichalcum Hardness if transmuted)

Finally, the Solinar is protected from death, gaining the Immortal Power. The Solinar may waive the DP Cost, replacing Minimum Successes with Additional Successes. Upon death, the Solinar can spend an amount of DP equal to their Might to activate this ability. The Solinar’s body disappears in a soft glow and after one Solar Month (30 days), the Solinar steps out of the Rymnian Gate closest to the character’s place of death, memories intact. The Solinar has no recollection of events that occurred while dead, however.

Guardian of Kij (Solinar Benefit)

The Solinar is blessed by Kij, and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might on rolls which use the Awareness, Blades, Integrity, Perform, Presence, and Shield Skills. When using any of these Skills as Active Defence, the character adds their Might to their Trait.

The Solinar is also capable of swearing themselves to another, becoming a sacred guardian for the recipient. The recipient need not be willing, and the benefits provided from the oath remains with the Solinar until they release themselves from their duty, or until they swear their services to another.

  • As a Free Action, the Solinar learns where the recipient is, both in direction and distance. The character also knows the current state of health for the recipient, and is aware of any afflictions the recipient is currently suffering from.
  • The Solinar can sacrifice Health or Essence for the recipient. For every point sacrificed, the recipient recovers an amount equal to the character’s Might. Alternatively, the Solinar may sacrifice Health to reduce the Potency of an Affliction suffered by the recipient, reducing it by one for every point of Health spent. This ability takes an Action.
  • The Guard Techniques allows the character to increase the Defensive Traits of the recipient by the Solinar’s Growth as long as the recipient remains within (Might) yards. In addition, if the recipient is attacked while the Solinar is using the Guard Technique, the Solinar can always choose to attack first as an Instant Action, using either a Physical or Social Attack.

The Sun Priests

Skills: Herbalist, Perform
Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 13 Region: Shire Lands

Order Abilities

Call Spirit (Sun Priest Ritual)

As a Full Round Action, the Sun Priest is capable of summoning a totemic spirit. This requires a Spiritual + Occultism Results Roll, with an Essence Cost equal to the Difficulty, minus the number of Actions Sacrificed that Round. The spirit possesses either the Life or Light Spell Effect. The spirit possesses the Traits of the animal called, but also gains the True Spirit, Sixth Sense, and Vitality Powers. The Potency of the roll can be expended for Exceptional Qualities for the spirit, as per the rule for Retainers. The spirit remains for the Scene or until dismissed, and will obey the commands of the Sun Priest.

Sun Signs (sun Priest Training)

The Sun Priest is capable of placing a sacred tattoo on a person, granting them the ability to access the tattoo as needed. The character makes a Spiritual + Artistry roll, using the Tattooing or Body Paint Specialty. This is a Results Roll, which takes a number of hours equal to the Difficulty.

If the Sun Priest wishes to make the tattoo permanent, it costs either the Priest or the recipient 5 DP. If it will be temporary, it costs 4 Essence. Temporary Signs last a (Might x 2) days before they lose potency.

A person is allowed a number of Signs equal to their Might at the same time. Activating a Sign is done as a Full Round Action, but it may be activated as an Instant Action for 1 Essence. Sun Signs remain active for (Might) Rounds. Sun and Moon Signs do not produce cumulative effects, the most Potent effect is used.

  • The Chameleon: Character gains an incredible grip, gaining the mark’s Potency as Additional Successes on Climb rolls.
  • The Dolphin: The character gains the mark’s Potency as Additional Successes on Perform and Swim rolls.
  • The Dragonfly: +Potency Initiative
  • The Frog: Character gains the ability to leap and move, gaining the mark’s Potency as Additional Successes on Acrobatics and Dodge. This increases Full Defence by the mark’s Potency when used.
  • The Eclipse: Infernal and Undead with a Resolve less than the Potency of the mark can not see or hear the character for the mark’s duration.
  • The Falcon: Character gains an eye for details, gaining the mark’s Potency as Additional Successes on Search rolls.
  • The Horse: Character gains incredible strength, adding a number of Additional Successes to any rolls involving sheer strength equal to the Potency of the mark. Damage from physical attacks are increased by Half Potency.
  • The Rabbit: +Potency Speed
  • The Sun: The character’s unarmed strikes are treated as Orichalcum, gaining all the benefits of that metal. Unarmed attacks do Damage (Potency).
  • The Turtle: +Potency Defence and Soak
  • The Whippoorwill: The character’s touch is filled with life energy. The next person touched gains a bonus on all Death Saves equal to the Potency for the duration. Expended when used.

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