The Worshippers of Ixra

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The worshippers of Ixra are masters of fire and metal, enjoying the desert and jungle regions, and working in the forge. Ixra sends her loyal worshippers to the south, to explore the regions of Anansie and beyond, or sends them to work crafting weapons and armour. The Chonara are the warriors of Ixra, using weapon and flame to become a dervish of destruction. The Masters of the Forge are at home in the forge, where they shape metal to craft powerful weapons and armour for the faith.

The Chonara

Status: Private, Religious
Resources: 10
Skills: Integrity, War Craft
Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abilities

Fire Dance (Chonara Miracle)

The Chonara gains access to the Fire and Metal Spell Effects, and can shape metal or create fire. The character can alter metal objects or create fire at a range up to (Might x 10) yards.

The character is capable of shaping weapons, giving themselves armour, or creating shields out of metal or creating flaming weapons or shield out of manifested fire as they need. Each of these effects can be done as an Action, allowing the character to provide themselves defences or attacks as they need. It takes 2 Essence to prepare this Ability for a Scene, and the character may use this Ability for Active Defence, paying the normal Essence Cost.

The Chonara can use any Skill with this Ability that is appropriate to the action the character wishes to perform, but the character must use their Spiritual Attribute. The Hardness of the attack depends on the metal being used, or the character’s Might, whichever is better. If shaping fire, the fire has a Hardness equal to Half Might.

  • Damage: Weapon Damage or Might, whichever is better.
  • Soak: Hardness of Metal or Might, whichever is better.
  • Defence: Half Hardness of Metal or Half Might, whichever is better.

When used in combat, the character must first release a prior effect or face a Concentration Penalty, losing one Success from all further rolls for each effect which is being sustained. In most cases, shaped metal will remain in the form it is currently in. Manifested fire tends to simply vanish, unless it has caught a material and can spread. The character is immune to their own flames.

Touch of Ixra (Chonara Benefit)

The Chonara is blessed by Ixra, and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might on all rolls using the Athletics, Blades, Endurance, Integrity, and War Craft Skills. In addition, by spending one Essence and an Action as an Active Defence, the character can sheath themselves briefly in heat and increase their Soak by their Might against a single roll.

Masters of the Forge

Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 15
Skills: Craft, Occultism
Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abvilities

Arms Mastery (Master of the Forge Benefit)

The character is blessed by Ixra, and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might on Rolls using the Artistry, Craft, Endurance, and Profession Skills when making armour, shields, or weapons. The character may also enhance these items, granting it a Hardened Trait. The character must work on the item, spending an amount of DP and a number of days equal to twice the number of Traits that the character wishes to grant, with a maximum number of Traits equal to half the character’s Might. Hardened Traits are countered by Hardened Traits, thus Hardened Defence is countered by Hardened Damage, and Hardened Damage is countered by Hardened Armour.

  • Damage: Ignores Armour Soak.
  • Defence: Counts as Additional Successes on Soak Rolls.
  • Soak: Counts as Minimum Successes on Soak Rolls. Soaks Firearm Damage.

Strike the Weak Link (Master of the Forge Miracle)

The character is capable of destroying any metal item with just a touch. By spending one Essence as part of defending against an attack or attacking / touching a metal item, the character can reduce the Hardness of the item by the character’s Might plus the Successes of the attack (including the successes of an attack made against the character). This is a permanent effect, and cumulative between multiple contacts. If an item shatters upon contact with the character during an attack against them, they are uninjured by the attack.

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