The Worshippers of Cera

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The worshippers of Cera are masters of the wind and air, enjoying mountain tops and other high places. Cera sends her faithful to the mountain regions to the north and south, exploring the uppermost regions to create and learn. The Architects are masters of spinning crystal from the air, building elegant, graceful buildings and works of art, while the Jovians are performers, dancers, and entertainers who can defy gravity, flitting through the air with majesty.

The Architects

Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 10
Skills: Artistry, Craft
Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abilities

Crystal Lattice (Architect Miracle)

The Architect is capable of spinning a crystalline substance from the air called ‘Cera Crystal’. This hard, brittle substance looks like glass, but can have nearly any level of translucency, and can be of any natural colour of light, white, or black. Most constructs created by Architects appear delicate and beautiful, but are often incredibly strong. It is considered a point of pride for the Architect to also use Artistry to make anything created an amazing work of art.

Cera Crystal is normally used to shape edifices and works of art. The crystal has a Hardness equal to the character’s Might. An Architect makes buildings by using a unit called a ‘Room’. A ‘Room’ can have any dimensions up to the character’s (Might cubed x 125) feet total for height, length, and width.

When creating a building, the character chooses how many Rooms they wish to craft. It takes an amount of Essence and days equal to the number of Rooms being crafted. The character then rolls Spiritual + Craft (Architecture) or Craft (Engineering) at the end of the time period.

If successful, the character increases the Hardness of the edifice by the Successes rolled. Failure indicates an unstable building with poor structural integrity, and which loses one Hardness per Room crafted. Each Success also reduces the Essence Cost by one, but the minimum Essence Cost is equal to one third the normal Essence Cost.

Other equipment can be crafted using Cera Crystal, and follow the normal rules for crafting. The Resource Cost is waived, and the character uses their Spiritual Attribute to craft the crystal. The time to perform the crafting, however, remains unchanged, and the Base Essence Cost is equal to the Base Resource Cost. The final Essence Cost is reduced by the Successes of the crafting roll, using the same rules for a Resource Roll, including minimum Essence Cost.

Escudo can be created by this method. To do so, the character doubles the Essence Cost of the edifice or item being crafted.

Favour of Cera (Architect Benefit)

The Architect is blessed by Cera, and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might on all rolls that use the Artistry, Craft, Endurance, and Profession Skills.

The Jovians

Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 15
Skills: Acrobatics, Perform
Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abilities

One With The Sky (Jovian Benefit)

The Jovian is blessed by Cera, and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might on all rolls using the Acrobatics, Climb, Dodge, and Perform Skills. In addition, the Jovian may use any of these Skills as an Active Defence, gaining an additional Defence equal to their Might when doing so. With Perform, the character must have the Dance or Acrobatics Specialty to be able to use it for Active Defence.

Sky Dancer (Jovian Miracle)

The Jovian gains access to the Wind and Thunder Spell Effects, and can shape the wind and lightning as the character sees fit. The character can manipulate air up to a range of (Might x 10) yards, shaping it or creating thunder claps.

The character is capable of creating gusts of wind that throw opponents back or deflect attacks, or make themselves weightless, flying upon the wind. Each of these effects can be done as an Action, allowing the character to provide themselves defences or attacks as they need. It takes 2 Essence to prepare this Ability for a Scene, and the character may use this Ability for Active Defence, paying the normal Essence Cost.

The Jovian can use any Skill with this Ability that is appropriate to the action the character wishes to perform, but the character must use their Spiritual Attribute. The Hardness of the shaped air is equal to Half Might.

  • Damage: Half Might.
  • Defence: Twice Might.
  • Flight: Reduces Bulk by Might, increasing jumping distance by Might, and if reduced to Bulk 0, can fly at normal Speed.

When used in combat, the character must first release a prior effect or face a Concentration Penalty, losing one Success from all further rolls for each effect which is being sustained.

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