The Worshippers of Arka

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The worshippers of Arka are masters of the wilderness, thriving in the forests and jungles. Arka sends her followers into the Northern Wilds and south, deep into the Greenheart. Petitions have begun with Carcassonne to allow the followers of Arka into the Carcosa Woods. The Forest Wardens are rangers and scouts, and masters of the bow, while the Verdrana are shapers of wood and earth.

The Forest Wardens

Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 5
Skill: Archery, Survival
Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abilities

Peerless Archer (Forest Warden Benefit)

The Warden is blessed by Arka, and when using a bow, becomes an uncanny shot. The character may, as a Full Round Action, spend 1 Essence and perform a single attack with the bow. The Warden does not roll for the attack, but instead gains a number of Minimum Successes equal to the character’s Might plus the number of Actions sacrificed in the Round. The arrow can penetrate most objects to get to the target, thus allowing the archer to bypass some cover. The arrow penetrates and ignores any physical object with a Hardness less than the Might + Damage of the attacker.

Ranger of Arka (Forest Warden Benefit)

The Warden is blessed by Arka while within her domain, thriving in the forest. The Warden gains Additional Successes equal to the their Might on all rolls that use the Acrobatics, Archery, Athletics, Climb, Endurance, Herbalist, Stealth, and Survival Skill while within a forest or jungle region.

The Verdrana

Status: Public, Religious Resources: 5 Skills: Herbalist, Survival Region: Shire Lands

Orders Abilities

One With the Forest (Verdrana Benefit)

While within a forest or jungle region, the Verdrana does not need to eat, drink, or sleep. They are sustained by the presence of trees, and need only spend one Essence a day to keep healthy and active. The Verdrana suffers no damage from falling if they land on plant, earth, or stone. In addition, while within the region, the character is restored an amount of Health per day equal to their Might with the rising of the sun. This does not count as healing.

Verdant Command (Verdrana Miracle)

The Verdrana gains access to the Earth and Plant Spell Effects, and can shape the plants and soil as the character sees fit. The character can manipulate the earth and plants up to a range of (Might x 10) yards, performing incredible feats of shaping.

The character is capable of creating weapons, giving themselves armour, or creating shields, or can create and shape the terrain as they need. Each of these effects can be done as an Action, allowing the character to provide themselves defences or attacks as they need. It takes 2 Essence to prepare this Ability for a Scene, and the character may use this Ability for Active Defence, paying the normal Essence Cost.

The Verdrana can use any Skill with this Ability that is appropriate to the action the character wishes to perform, but the character must use their Spiritual Attribute. The Hardness of the attack depends on the wood or earth being used, or the character’s Might, whichever is better.

  • Damage: Weapon Damage or Might, whichever is better.
  • Soak: Hardness of Material or Might, whichever is better.
  • Defence: Half Hardness of Material or Half Might, whichever is better.

When used in combat, the character must first release a prior effect or face a Concentration Penalty, losing one Success from all further rolls for each effect which is being sustained. In most cases, shaped wood or earth will remain in the form it is currently in if it was constructed as a single, solid mass. ‘Animated’ earth tends to simply crumble while plants simply grow slack.