The Storm Wardens

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Deity: Tsunami
Sphere: Ocean, Prophesy, Winter
Titles: The Storm Lord, Winter Lord
Holy Times: The Winter Solstice, The first and last days of Winter
Holy Signs: The colour blue, the number 9, and lightning-struck trees.
Holy Weapons: The oak staff.
Familiars; The dolphin, the eagle, the wolf.
Quote: "One must face the future as they face the storm . Full of intent and readiness."


  • Ensure the health and bounty of the community.
  • Respect the ocean and life within it.
  • Look to the future, and guide those who walk with you.
  • Respect your oaths.
  • Even in the face of greatest adversity, show no fear.

Warden History

Before the Brotherhood of the Book, the Storm Wardens were the visionaries of the Shire and coastal regions. They were gifted with prophesy, the ability to see what may be, and what actions were destined for those who spoke to them. They were masters of the storm, lords of the waters, and where there was a Storm Warden, there was harmony. The fish would always be plentiful, and the sailors would find calm waters for their journeys.

With the coming of the Brotherhood, the prophets of the Storm saw a change in power. The Brotherhood did not compete with the Storm Wardens however, and found their visions fascinating and helpful. The two orders worked together, the visionaries seeing what may come, while the fledgling Brotherhood recorded what would be. The clear sight of the Brotherhood helped the Storm Wardens learn what was immutable, but they also studied what was not said in the writings of the Brotherhood, and used that to more readily define what could be changed.

The Storm Wardens faced a crisis with the coming of the Joshuites, who did not accept the prophets, and struck down any who showed signs of prophesy. They did not enjoy the thought of a god leading others through a future only the chosen of Tsunami could see, and the Storm Wardens were almost utterly destroyed. They were soon collected by the Brotherhood, and the faith fled into hiding.


The Storm Wardens enjoy the open waters, and can often be found along any coast or beach line, as sailors, fishermen, and pirates. They are welcomed onto ships as they bring calm waters when appeased, and frightening storms again st their enemies. They are visionaries, getting glimpses of the future, and what could happen, guiding others into taking actions to fulfil their destinies or to slip between the cracks of fate.

Storm Wardens come in several varieties, but the two most common types are corsairs and messengers. Corsairs are often ship-borne and travel the rivers and seas, looking for those who have angered Tsunami or who have done harm to Maya or Zillah. They track down these fugitives, and normally have the waters swallow their prey whole, leaving nothing to remain. Messengers travel from place to place as their visions guide them, giving messengers to those they seek which can either be cryptic or may perhaps be the final piece to a puzzle the subject was attempting to solve.

The Corsairs of Tsunami

Skills: Sail, Survival
Status: Private, Religious
Resources: 15
Region: Roan Isles

Symbol A Trident on a Green Field


Corsairs are often ship-borne and travel the rivers and seas, looking for those who have angered Tsunami or who have done harm to Maya or Zillah. They track down these fugitives, and normally have the waters swallow their prey whole, leaving nothing to remain.

Orders Abilities

Command the Wind and Waves (Corsair Miracle)

The character can call upon the wind or water, controlling them and directing them for the Scene by spending 2 Essence. Both have a range of Might x 10 yards. The character gains access to the Water and Wind Spell Effects when using this Ability.

The character can strike an opponent and attempt to knock them back. This is a Spiritual + Thrown attack, with Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might. The opponent is knocked back one yard per Success. The opponent is struck they must make a Physical + Acrobatics + Size roll against a Difficulty equal to the character’s Might, with each Success reducing the amount of knock back by one yard.

The character can attempt to grapple an opponent with wind, hampering their movement. This is a Spiritual + Thrown attack, acting as a normal grapple, though the character gains Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might. This acts as a proper grapple, with the opponent’s Speed and Initiative also being reduced by the character’s Successes.

The character can have the wind or water pick them up and move them at a Speed equal to the character’s Might x 5. Each additional person to be carried reduces the travel Speed by 5.

Master of the Open Sea (Corsair Investment)

The character gains a number of Additional Successes equal to their Might on all rolls using Athletics, Climb, Exotic, Sail, and Survival Skill rolls.

The Sea Lords

Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 11
Skills: Occultism, Survival
Region: Aregon

Symbol: A curling wave with a staff in the centre.

Orders Abilities

Master the Storm (Sea Lord Miracle)

Prophetic Vision (Sea Lord Miracle)

The character may have a prophetic vision, allowing them to view a glimpse of the future and help someone move towards the event that Fate has in store for them. The character sacrifices a Full Round Action to make a Results Roll, spending an amount of Essence equal to the Difficulty. The character makes a roll using their Spiritual + Awareness, and the target gains a Vision Pool equal to the Potency of the roll. The recipient, for the next twenty four hours, may sacrifice points from the Pool to gain Additional Successes equal to the points spent when performing an action which helps achieve the Prophesy the character has declared.

Tsunami’s Armour (Sea Lord Miracle)

The character may spend an Action and 3 Essence to craft a barrier of wind, dark clouds, and lightning around themselves and nearby allies for the Scene by making a Results Roll using the character’s Spiritual + Occultism. This barrier may have a maximum Radius in yards equal to the character’s Might + Size. Anyone who touches the barrier are struck by lightning, suffering Damage equal to the Miracle’s Potency, and thrown a number of yards equal to (Potency - Size), in a direction of the character’s choice. As a Free Action, the character may sacrifice one Potency to increase the Difficulty of one Action against them by the character’s Might. As an Action, the character may sacrifice one Potency to unleash a thunder strike against one opponent within (Might) x 20 yards. The strike inflicts Damage equal to the Potency, and the character rolls Spiritual + Awareness as a physical attack against the target’s Defence. The target may use Dodge as an Active Defence. The damage ignores Armour Soak.

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