The Spirit Court

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The Spirit Court is a formal organization of people from different backgrounds, who have been authorized by the spirits to speak and listen for them. Being able to be part of the spirit court requires being able to talk to the spirits in some manner


At this time the following classes of people can be representatives of the spirit court:

  • Spirit Wardens
  • Followers of the Path of Atter
  • Spirits and daemons, of course
  • Anyone specifically selected by a spirit or daemon to do so

And these people are allowed to attend spirit court, but not as a representatives (unless they are part of a representative group)

  • The Catalysts (with the specific ability)
  • Anyone specifically invited by a spirit to attend (for one session only)

Petitioner Testing

  • It is up to the court member to administer the test.
  • The daemon, however, gets to decide whether they are satisfied with the result. It is up to the court representative to make sure the test fits the request.
  • HOWEVER, the daemon is allowed to suggest the nature or difficulty of the test, but the court representative is not obligated to give the exact test the daemon wants.
  • If they are satisfied with the test, and the petitioner passes, the spirit may answer on its own or relay the answer through its court representative, most often it will be through the representative.
  • If the petitioner fails, they may petition again. The representative and spirit are both able to decide between them how long a period of time should pass before they may test again, but typically it is two weeks.

Court Formalities

  • Formal contact: Takes place in an open forum that anyone is able to attend, for the purposes of petitioning.
    • If you are not a spirit or daemon, a representative, or a petitioner, you will not be permitted in court, unless you are part of an exempted group listed above.
    • The one leading court opens the floor, taking one petitioner at a time.
    • One or more court members must be present for court to take place.
    • Typically, when the petitioner makes their request or asks their question, the daemon most willing to answer, notifies the court member they are with, that they will hear the question.
    • The request is NOT made in secret in formal court, it is presented before all spirits, all petitioners, and all representatives present.
    • If the test will take longer than court will be open that day, then the representative can be consulted later informally without penalty.
  • Informal contact: Takes place typically between a member of the spirit court and a petitioner, anywhere required.
    • The court member does NOT have to listen to or even acknowledge the petitioner, they are considered to be out-of-court in an informal request, and thus unobligated to listen.
    • The test is generally more difficult if done informally (usually by 2 difficulty but this is up to the court member).
    • The test, and the request, if done informally, can be done in secret.