The Path of Awakening

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Path of Awakening

  • Source: Twilight Spirits
  • Affinity: Divination
  • Attribute: Spiritual
  • Effects: Earth, Fire, Ice, Plant, Thunder, Vermin, Water, Wind
  • Titles: Shaman, Spirit Speaker
  • Favored Races: Pegasus, Aven, Koba, Quimi, Skole
  • Favored Nations: Greenheart, Naipon, Roan Isles, Wold

History and Flavor Text

Shamanism has been a part of the magical traditions of Kith Kanaan since the Age of Dreams, and has existed as a foundation for society ever since. Throughout history, there have been individuals who have had the ability to communicate with the spirits, and such people have often become the spiritual foundation for their community. To awaken the awareness of an apprentice, most teachers bring their student to an underground lodge, or to a deep cave. The student must either meditate in the lodge, or wander into the cave, their senses overwhelmed by the darkness and silence. Through this deprivation, the apprentice becomes aware of the spirits about them, and once the apprentice has awakened, they are either released from the lodge, or find their own way through the caves and out the other side, a new-born shaman. Each time a shaman is eligible for a new Benefit, they perform this ritual deprivation, communing with the spirits to heighten their awareness of the spirit world and strengthening their bond.

Once awakened, a shaman becomes aware of the spirits that balance Creation. Every animal and tree, every gust of wind or lick of flame, and every location or emotion has a spiritual counterpart. The shaman is charged with keeping harmony between the spirit world and Creation, enforced by the powerful taboos that a shaman carries upon their souls as a sign of humility and understanding. To the community, the shaman is a protector, guarding the people from rogue spirits and harm. To the spirit world, the shaman is their voice, ensuring that the community acts in harmony with the entities who pass unseen among them. The shaman is expected to help maintain balance in both worlds, taking no sides.

Benefits of the Path of Awakening

Growth 0

  • Upon awakening as a shaman, the Hero must choose one taboo, a spiritual oath which limits the actions of the shaman and represents their humility when faced with the powers they possess. Each time the shaman gains a level of Growth, they must take an additional taboo. These bans are enforced by the spirit world – and if the shaman violates the tenet of their taboo, it is lost, taking with it the advantage and disadvantage provided by the taboo itself. If the shaman loses their last taboo, they also lose all benefits and spell casting ability associated with this path. Once the shaman has gained a new level of growth, they can take a new taboo and reclaim their magic. A shaman gains two Additional Successes on any roll involving this path’s Benefits, or on spell casting using this path, for every taboo that they currently possess.
    • Taboos are laid out in the following format: I must perform (this action) under (these circumstances) or I must not perform (this action) under (these circumstances). Examples may be ‘I must not sit down facing east’ or ‘I must offer food to any who come to my campfire’ or ‘I must not enter a room which houses a pregnant woman’.
  • Because of their knowledge of the spirit world, symbols hold much more meaning to the Shaman than to other paths. Holding an icon that represents a target is as useful as owning the target’s soul for purposes of casting spells. Having a sympathetic link to a target grants the Hero a (–Might) Difficulty on any spells cast upon the target of the spell.

Growth 1

  • Call Spirit Ally (5 DP, Requires Growth 1)
    • The shaman befriends a specific spirit of the spirit world and creates a willing compact with the spirit. For each taboo the shaman possesses, they may create one spirit ally which you may treat as another character the Hero controls. If a taboo is broken, the spirit ally who was bound to the shaman using that taboo departs, and does not return. Creating the compact takes one hour and requires a Results Roll (Spiritual + Diplomacy). The shaman pays (Difficulty) Essence at the end of the hour, when the roll is made. The Potency of the roll creates a pool which can be expended to construct the spirit. The spirit gains one additional point of Potency for every additional taboo the shaman possesses, and gains another point each time the shaman takes a new taboo.
Trait Initial Points Bonuses
Attribute Points 4 + (4 x Growth) 1 Potency 1 bonus point
Size –4 1 Potency +1 or –1 Size
Skill Points 10 + (10 x Growth) 1 Potency 4 bonus points
Talents None 1 Potency 1 Talent
Powers Flight, Incorporeal, Invulnerable, Spirit 2 Potency 1 Power
This spirit is immune to poisons and diseases. It does not need to breathe, drink, or eat.

Growth 3

  • Bind Spirit (10 DP, Requires Growth 3)
    • The shaman must have at least one spirit they have made a compact with. The shaman may decide to place the spirit into a talisman that they have crafted specifically for this task. The talisman has a Resource Cost equal to the one third of the spirit’s Potency. Attuning the spirit to the talisman is a Results Roll (Spiritual + Diplomacy), taking a number of days equal to the Difficulty of the roll. The Potency of the roll determines how many times the talisman may be activated before the spirit departs and the talisman must be re-attuned. While possessing the talisman, a spirit can not be called. Activating a talisman requires sacrificing a point of Potency and an Instant Action, but grants the shaman the use of (Growth) Powers from the spirit for a Scene. The Hero can grant the talisman to another to use, and may reclaim the spirit once the talisman is expended.

Growth 5

  • Call Primal Spirit (15 DP, Requires Growth 5)
    • Each spirit ally bound to the shaman gains an Aspect. The shaman chooses one Spell Effect and grants it to each spirit ally they possess. The spirit automatically uses the manifest from the Spell Effect when called, and may use the effect aspect on anyone who touches the spirit if desired. The Potency of the Spell Effect is equal to the spirit’s Growth. These spirits now may remain for (Potency) minutes when called upon, rather than Rounds, and are summoned as a normal Action.

Growth 7

  • Call Deep Spirit (20 DP, Requires Growth 7)
    • Each spirit ally bound to the shaman may gain a Merit if the shaman desires. The shaman chooses whether the spirit is Divine, Faerie, Infernal, Shadow, or Wraith, and gains a Merit appropriate to an Entity of the appropriate type, and gains a free Power associated with the type of Entity selected. These spirits now remain for (Potency) hours when called upon, and are summoned as an Instant Action.