The Night Watch

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The Night Watch are an elite group primarily selected from The Day Watch but occasionally someone will pass through The Tribal Guard on their path here. Their numbers are the smallest of all and tend to be the most skilled. They function as a black ops unit or a secret police. Their primary function is everything that goes on behind the scenes. Things like assassination, spying, theft and other things that might be 'officially' against the law either in the Lii Lands or foreign lands. Unlike the other orders in The Fist of Lii they are not officially bound to take orders from the Chiefs, Tribal Councils and answer only to their goddess Melanie. However, unofficially they often do the bidding of the Chiefs and Tribal Councils. Their existance is also known only to the Tribal Council members and the upper ranks of the other orders which constitute The Fist of Lii.

  • Channel: tnw
  • Color: Black
  • Order: The Fist of Lii
  • Skills: Unarmed, Investigation
  • Status: Secret, Political, Religious


  • Name: Deadly Swarm
  • Type: Benefit
  • Desc: When a member of a unit calls out a target they converge on the victim. Each attacker individually will have a number of minimum successes equal to the number of people participating in the attack with this ability or their might, whichever is LOWER. In addition to this the victim of the attack will suffer a minimum damage of 1 health per attacker with this ability per ROUND up to a maximum equal to the might of the highest attacker involved regardless of things like soak or defense.
  • Name: Shroud of Stealth
  • Type: Ritual
  • Desc: By imbuing an item crafted out of Dragon Iron, typically some sort of jewelry, The Night Watch member is capable of making it easier to move around without being spotted by adding their might to any stealth roll. In addition to this if anyone attempts to scry the individual, they may spend 5 essence to decrease the successes by their might.