The Fist of Lii

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After some Negru Morte entered into the Lii Tribal lands and engaged in some killing and violence. There suddenly existed a need for those who would protect the family. As a result of this the Law Enforcement and Military were created among the Lii and are collectively called the Fist of Lii. Within The Fist of Lii there exists three different orders denoted by both their numbers, eliteness and secrecy involved in their operations. All units in the Fist of Lii are anywhere from 4 to 8 members who eat, sleep and live together and sometimes even form families together to further strengthen their bonds. They are almost never encountered invidivually but as a cohesive unit. It should be noted that because someone is a member of a more elite section does not preclude having learned or been taught abilities from less prestigious orders.

The Fist of Lii collectively consist of the following orders