The Chosen of the Twins

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The Chosen of the Twins

Status: Private, Religious
Resources: 5
Skills: Larceny, Subterfuge
Region: R’Tal

The Twins are often a foot-note or afterthought within the Arin faith, but they are revered by the Sinti, the wanderers who travel from nation to nation claiming no home as their own. The god and goddess of chance (or some would say ‘vagabonds’), the twins place their blessing on the few who would rely on their luck to survive. The Chosen often deliberately place themselves in harm’s way – or some believe that harm specific comes looking for those blessed by the twins.

The Sinti are a group of wanderers that came out of the south shortly after the appearance of Anansie in Kith Kanaan. Distrusted and persecuted, the Sinti would have been destroyed shortly after their appearance if it were not for the goddess Talis, who intervened and protected them from their enemies. Nobody is certain why, but her father, Arion, stripped her of her immortality for her intervention, and for over a thousand years she walked with her people. She was given the title Mother of Gypsies, and deeply honoured for her devotion to her chosen people, bearing the burden of the curse her father placed on her.

Shortly after the fall of Anansie, Talis departed, heading into the South with a handful of her people. It is whispered that the lost city in the Southern Wilds has reappeared, and she is looking for it – the original home of the Sinti. Others say she will try to free the slaves that are used as food and worse by the demons and undead of the South, and protect them as she protected her children. Others say she is searching for a way to trick her father and reclaim her immortality.

The Sinti people are notably distrustful of outsiders (gaje). Their primary language is a variant Hinde, and they have many legends about their people, and the tricks that Talis has performed on those who tried to harm them. The Sinti are natural survivors, with a rich culture and a fierce pride. They honour each other, and treat their own kind with respect, though others are fair game to trickery, and retaliation for any slights to their people. The Chosen of the Twins also have a strict belief in cleanliness – blood is considered ‘unclean’, and should not be spoken about or touched. They are quite proud of their freedom, and the ability to go where they please, and the tapestry of knowledge they have picked up over the ages.

System note: the Sinti are the only racial subgroup that can take this order with out being of the Arin faith.

Order Abilities

The Lady’s Smile (Chosen of the Twins Benefit)

The character is naturally charming and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the character’s Might on all uses of the Awareness, Disguise, Empathy, Integrity, Larceny, Perform, Presence, Streetwise, and Subterfuge Skills.

The Lord’s Favour (Chosen of the Twins Ritual)

When performing fortune telling, the character gains a number of Additional Successes equal to their Might for rolling the Occultism Skill. In addition, the character can attempt to manipulate Fate. As a Full Round Action, the character makes a Results Roll using their Social + Occultism. The character spends an amount of Essence equal to the Difficulty of the roll, and gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the number of Actions sacrificed that Round. The Potency of the roll creates a Fortune Pool can be used for twenty-four hours. Sacrificing a point of Potency as a Free Action produces the effect.

  • Luck

This effect uses one Fortune Pool. The character chooses a single roll to be re-rolled. The character may choose any target in the Scene, whether or not the character knows they are present. The character may decide to use Luck on themselves. The player decides if the target will be taking the better roll, or the worse roll.

  • Foresight

This effect uses two Fortune Pool. The character targets an individual who has just declared an Action. The Action is cancelled and the target must take a different Action than the one that was cancelled, or may attempt the same Action in a different manner. The character must witness the Action to be cancelled. If this Ability is used on another person, the character must have a higher Might than the target’s Resolve.

  • Avoid Fate

This effect uses three Fortune Pool. The character can see Fate, and can avoid the complications that Fate laid out for them. The character chooses a roll which somehow involves them. The roll either gains a number of Minimum Successes or loses a number of Successes equal to the character’s Might. The circumstances surrounding the roll often become all but impossible as Fate attempts to re-weave itself to the new path the character has made.
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