The Catalysts

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The Catalysts are a religious order of the Lii pantheon. They are assembled to bring Positive Changes to Nimby in the form of Creative Working. The primary divinities of this order are Alynna and Melanie, however a healthy respect is given to the Fukumi. The Spirits of Nimby are given an elevated status in this order, as well, however the The Lii Pantheon does not generally create Archons however chooses them from among their people in this order.

During the time that Alynna spent with the mortals on Nimby, walking among them, she reorganized this order, directly allying it with the Spirit Wardens, as well as with the Spirit Court which she founded. By taking this order you automatically qualify to join the Spirit Court.


  • Type: Public, Religious
  • Skills: Meditation, Awareness

The General Orders

The General Orders are the stated purposes and restrictions of the pantheon. They can be amended by divine edict at any time. No use of any ability in this order can go against the General Orders. They automatically fail if they do. Violation of the Orders can lead to Divine Discipline:

  • Advance the cause of the Spirits, listen to and respect their words, their deeds and actions. Collaberate with them for amicable results. Treat them always as your ally and they will be your ally.
  • Advance the cause of Life. No ability can be used to harm or kill unless it directly prevents the target from harming or killing another.
  • Advance the cause of Progress. No ability can be used to directly hinder someone from inventing or creating a positive advancement.
  • Advance the cause of Artistic Expression. No ability can be used to directly hinder the creative process of the mind. Abilities are doubly effective in removing external influences that negatively affect the target Creative Mind, or Dreaming.
  • Advance the cause of Creation. No ability can be used to directly harm the Planet, or Creation itself.


  • Winds of Change:

Type: Miracle
The character has access to the Transmutation School and access to the Effects available from the Path of Atter, but can not use the Benefits of the Path. The character may cast using the Spiritual Attribute and Meditation Skill only. If the character has the Path of Atter, they may spend 3 Essence as a Free Action to gain (Might) Additional Successes on the spell casting roll. This miracle is also further modified by the bonuses and penalties in the Path of Atter.

  • Autoinvention:

Type: Miracle
The character may draw items from the Dream Realm by making a (Spiritual + Meditation) Results Roll and paying Essence equal to the Difficulty of the roll. An item with a Resources Cost equal to the Potency may be crafted, but will last only one day unless the character also spends DP equal to the Potency of the roll. This is an Action.

  • One-up:

Type: Miracle
The character may attempt to immediately resurrect a fallen target, making their death nothing more than a dream. This is a (Spiritual + Meditation) Passive Roll. If the Potency of the roll surpasses the number of minutes the victim has been deceased, they awaken as if from a sleep. The character must spend (Minutes Dead) Essence regardless of the roll's result, and (Subject's Might) DP. This cannot be used to revive anyone who *directly* opposes the General Orders.

  • Spirit Boon:

Type: Spirit
For any spell cast by The Catalysts using the Path of Atter, The penalty to difficulty for casting using it is reduced by two difficulty, including the case where 'restore to nature' is applied, to a range of -4 difficulty to +6.

  • Pre-tested:

Type: Spirit
A member of The Catalysts that is tested by the spirits to become a Spirit Warden, has the difficulty of the test to Growth*10 successes required, rather than Might*10.

  • Court Admittance:

Type: Spirit
A member of The Catalysts is permitted to attend and watch the formal Spirit Courts, although they are not permitted an actual audience without undergoing the same tests as a petitioner. However when petitioning the Courts, any rolls pertaining to the Test administered are augmented by [Might] dice.