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Race: Angel
Action: Free Action
Duration: Instant (Activation), Constant (Duration)
Essence: None
Increases: 1, 4, 7

The character can project their thoughts to another person. They must be aware of the target or at least familiar with them to reach them if the target is not in sight. The range the character can project their thoughts is 10 x (Might + Size + 5) yards. If the subject resists, the can spend 1 Essence to block the character’s thoughts for the Scene. The subject does not understand the character unless they have a shared language, or unless one or the other has the Tongues Power. Additionally, the character does not hear the thoughts of the target – they are only able to project their thoughts. At Growth 4 the character doubles the range of their telepathy. At Growth 7, the character doubles the range once again, and can also project anything they are currently experiencing, including sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

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