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Basic stats

The standard cost: The standard cost of any stat is the square root of the point you want to buy, with a minimum of 1xp. Since most if not all stats go to 100, here is a convenient table describing the cost of any point:

Point range Cost in XP
1-3 1 XP
4-8 2 XP
9-15 3 XP
16-24 4 XP
25-35 5 XP
36-48 6 XP
49-63 7 XP
64-80 8 XP
81-99 9 XP
100 10 XP

It takes 625XP to max a stat out. Some stats may cost a multiplier of the standard cost, for example, attribute raises will cost 5x the standard cost.


Individual Attributes (IA)

  • The absolute base attributes for a person. Individual Attributes will cost 5x the standard cost to raise. You will be able to distribute 50 total points in these 4 values at chargen (average 12). They go from 0 to 100.
  • Physical: Having to do with Physical Prowess and Skills.
  • Mental: Having to do with Intelligence and Psionics.
  • Spiritual: Having to do with Magic and Spiritual potential.
  • Social: Having to do with Appearance, physical preciseness and Social skill.

Junctioned Attributes

  • Junctioned Attributes are based on Individual Attributes and are linked directly to skills. They will cost 3x the standard cost. There are 9 of them:
  • Strength (Physical+Mental): A rating of your general strength.
  • Dexterity (Physical+Social): A rating of your ability to perform precision operations.
  • Endurance (Physical+Spiritual): A rating of your general endurance and stamina.
  • Perception (Mental+Physical): A rating of your capacity to observe and process information.
  • Intelligence (Mental+Spiritual): A rating of your capacity to use and recall information.
  • Charisma (Mental+Social): A rating of your general positive appearance and demeanor
  • Magic (Spiritual+Physical): A rating of your capacity to employ magic. (Enhances Magic)
  • Willpower (Spiritual+Mental): A rating of your mental strength. (Enhances Psionics)
  • Faith (Spiritual+Social): A rating of your connection to your chosen deities. (Enhances Miracles)

Stat pools

  • Stat pools are resources that can be expended to do things. When they are depleted, some things will cease to be possible until they are recharged:
  • Health Points (HP) (Physical+Mental+Spiritual): When this is depleted, you will be unconscious. Death may result if this is not brought above zero within a certain time frame.
  • Magic Points (MP) (Mental+Spiritual+Social): When this is depleted, neither the use of magic or miracles that require MP will be possible.
  • Tech Points (TP) (Physical+Mental+Social): When this is depleted, Physical techniques or forms of technology requiring TP (such as guns or martial arts) will become impossible until regenerated.
  • Resource Points (RP) (Physical+Spiritual+Social): As this is depleted, GP generation slows. If it reaches 0, it will stop until regenerated.
  • Gold Pieces (GP): Depending on the amount of resource points you have, Gold pieces are accumulated. Equipment can be bought with Gold Pieces, but other intangibles may be manipulated or acquired with Resource Points.

Skills (and example masteries)

Skills range from 1 to 100.

  • Agility: Move about in extraordinary ways (jumping, swimming, flying)
  • Alchemy: Mix potions (Healing, Harming, Alteration)
  • Alertness: Active perception (Reaction, Surprise)
  • Animals: Various types of animal work (Livestock, Breeding, Training)
  • Brawl: Hand to hand martial arts (Karate, Boxing, Streetfighting)
  • Business: Represents whatever you do for a living, directly affects income.
  • Crafts: Physical arts and crafts (Drawing, Sewing, Carpentry)
  • Defense: Ways and means to defend (Parry, Dodge, Block, Soak)
  • Technology: Various technical skills (Hacking, Programming, Operation)
  • Etiquette: Ability to act as expected in situations (Court, Spirits, Naipon)
  • Herbalism: Work with plants (Agriculture, Gardening, Medicinal)
  • Homekeeping: Various common skills (Cooking, Cleaning)
  • Investigation: Passive perception (Search, Inquiry)
  • Knowledge: Covers lores and folk-lores (History, Runes, <subjects>)
  • Language: Language knowledge. Less than 25, Understanding and speaking; 25-100: Reading and writing. (Masteries are specific languages)
  • Medicine: Knowledge of healing arts (Drugs, Surgery, First-aid)
  • Melee: Various melee forms (Swords, Staves)
  • Leadership: Various forms of leadership (Martial, Government, Order, Politics)
  • Occultism: Knowledge of religious and magical forms (Arin, Joshuite, Spirits, Azure)
  • Ranged: Operation of ranged weapons (Firearms, Bows, Crossbow)
  • Pilot: Piloting vessels and riding animals (Airship, Sailing, Horseriding)
  • Science: The General Sciences (Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  • Security: The ability to secure or break security (Keys, Chains, Combinations)
  • Sorcery: Knowledge of sorcery and specific schools (Masteries are of
  • Subterfuge: Ability to obfuscate and detect truth (Detect, Hide, Lie)
  • Survival: Ability to survive in various situations (Forest, Desert, Jungle, Hades)
  • Technology: Various technical skills (Hacking, Programming, Mechanics, Engines)