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FurryFaire used 12 dided Dice in it's rolling (d12). Any roll that comes up as 9, 10, or 11 counts as one Success. A roll of 12 counts as two Successes. If you gain successes (additional or automatic) for a Skill or Attribute that is being used passively (such as for Active Defence), each success increases your defensive Trait by one.

Additional Successes

A character may gain additional successes when making a roll. These indicate that when a character rolls a success, they will gain more successes than the number actually rolled. The character still must gain at least one success on a die roll to gain the benefit of additional successes.

For each success rolled, the character gains one additional success, up to the maximum number of additional successes the character is allowed to gain. Thus, the maximum number of successes a character may gain from this benefit is twice the number of successes rolled.

Minimum Successes

An incredibly rare form of bonus, a character who gains minimum successes can not fail when performing an action. For each minimum success the character gains on a roll, however, they lose one die from the actual roll itself – the die is automatically considered a success. The maximum number of minimum successes a character can have is equal to the number of dice they would roll.

Reduced Successes

A character may suffer reduced successes when making a roll. These indicate that when a character makes a roll, a number of successes are removed from the roll, increasing the chance of failure. If this reduces the character to a negative number of successes, the character suffers a catastrophic failure – the kind of botches which make legends.

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