Southern Wilds

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The Southern Wilds is the name of the region that covers the southern half of Kith Kanaan. The majority of the region is marsh, jungle, and mountain terrain, and extends south, growing more hot and humid the further one goes.

Lost Civilizations

The Well of Lost Souls is said to exist within the Southern Wilds, as does the lost cities of Tajima and Enoch. There are a number of ancient ruins, indicating that there was once a thriving civilization south of the Anansie mountains, but any information concerning this region has long since been lost.


  • Infernal: The Southern Wilds is hostile to nearly all forms of life. The primary threat within the region are the Infernal entities which control the region. The land is thought to be ruled by Ravana, though it is not a given that the demon lives within the region, or has simply left an Avatar there to rule instead. The demons have carved out a number of territories, competing with each other over the mortal slaves. Border skirmishes are not uncommon. The more powerful of the infernal creatures within the region exist at the southern-most point - the Rukshasa.
  • Undead: The second major threat are the undead, including such creatures as liches, death lords and vampires. These undead nations often trade with the infernal lords for slave corpses, or sometimes still-living slaves.
  • Monsters: There are a variety of monsters which exist within the Southern Wilds which are not seen anywhere else. These creatures are usually quite horrific in nature.
  • Infection: The Touch of Death originates within the Southern Wilds, infecting anyone who is injured, or who remains in the region too long. In addition, plagues and diseases exist within the Southern Wilds which have not been encountered by people in the North, and as such, people visiting the south are not immune.


There are a number of scattered tribes within the south, including slaves who have escaped and formed small mobile communities to escape their demon and undead captors, and penned 'cities' which are kept as breeding stock by said demons and undead. The two common tongues within the south are Fallen and Enochian, with a number of regional dialects.

There is also the Roan Island, also known as the Isle of the Exiles, which is a haven for people who have been exiled from Anaitha, (who sometimes call it Ronin Island). A number of pirate groups live within the Roan Islands, and perform raids upon the Southern Wilds, rescuing captives, and seeking vengeance for the many wrongs done upon the people of Kith Kanaan. Anaitha is well-aware of the activities on Roan Island, and sends some of their best 'exiles' there to help.

Southern Wilds Nationality

Bonus: +2 Physical
Language: Enochian, Fallen
Race: Infernal
Sorcery: Infernalism

Southern Wilds Spiritual Changes

The spirits within the Southern Wilds have been awakened by powerful divine magic. For reference you can communicate with the spirits by the process described in Spirit Warden page of Nimby. The difficulty is not as high being only Growth * 10 instead of Might * 10 to pass the tests.