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Order of the Skyggan Tann

Republic_Of_Aki_(Nation)The Order of the Skyggan Tann is the elite of the Negru Morte warrior monks. Trained in body control and meditative techniques, they have learned to fit their very being for the war at the end of days. Pioneered by K'che, Ta'yee, Sutte, and Mivfar during their stay in the Keep of Shadow, the order is slowly being trained to those who have shed blood and had blood spilled in the name of Fukumi Kyldeer, the Goddess of Death.


Being a relatively new Order, the history for the Skyggan Tann is brief, but their legends go back as far as the Negru Morte can remember. An ancient art of body control, the martial arts this order provide harden the very body into a weapon. Once learned, their bodies grow harder to damage, they are never unarmed, and their very being can lash out to harm or disable their enemies in a deadly dance of blood and bone.

The first modern user of these arts was Ta'yee, a female Negru Morte that was one of the first of those chosen to guard the Keep of Shadow. It was there she discovered that with open ears, the Shadows would whisper if you listened hard enough. It was well known that the Goddess Kyldeer was involved in the deepest recesses of shadows, where the barriers between here and nowhere could be found. There was something else, however.

Following a lead from several of the Ravens (messengers of the Lady of Death) Ta'yee stumbled upon an old library. Symbols, written in stone, on treated flesh, and inlaid into the very floor drew her attention. It took her several months of meditation when her turn at vigil was over to begin to understand it. During her time in the Keep of Shadows, she began to show the art form of the Order with the others there. With the control of the self, came the responsibility to maintain the code... it was the strict discipline that the Negru Morte had, with the similarities in their teachings that allowed them to do so.

General Information

The Order of the Skyggan Tann is a Religious Order that began with the Negru Morte. Once apprenticeship is over, each member of this Order can show their allegiance within the order by the use of the Death Mask, their own skull turned into a grisly covering, extruded from their skeleton as a spare. Many Skyggan Tann wear it as a sign of their mastery over themselves, and loyalty to the cause.

While primarily Negru Morte, certain exceptional followers of the Aspects of Fukumi can join this Order, although they must prove their loyalty to the Goddess of Death through a contest of wits, a contest of battle prowess, and a spirit walk to the realms of the Goddess themselves before they are accepted. Thus far, none of the other of Kyldeer's children have passed the tests.


To become a member of the Skyggan Tann, one must first realize that they are becoming a Paladin of Death and Protection. The Skyggan Tann are the first, and last line of defense against anything seeking to take over the position of the Aspects of Fukumi, the Lii, the Goddess of Balance, or any of the other minor pantheons that exist. They follow the Goddess of Death, and the Goddess of Death grants boons with which to accomplish this task. As the final arbiters amongst mortals when it comes to the protection of Nimby, only the Goddess of Death herself has a greater say. Such is the duty this Order requires.

Once this duty has called out to someone, they must be recruited. The Skyggan Tann rarely actively recruit, instead finding particularly worthy souls that fight along side them in combat, or opposing them in combat, that may be worth the test. Only those already invested in the Aspects of Fukumi are considered, and only the most dedicated of followers can earn their mask of bone.

The test is a series of three trials. All three of these trials have a mortality rate. These are the same trials that a Negru Morte must undergo at their coming of age:

  • Trial of Wits::

The Skyggan Tann must be able to solve puzzles, identify friend from foe, and use more then their sight. An obstacle course is set up in near pitch black, with pockets of light, that the apprentice must survive.

  • Trial of Combat::

The Skyggan Tann must be ready to defend Nimby, and strike down both those that would harm Nimby, and those that would deny the greatness that is the Goddess of Death. For they are forever in Her service. This trial is a series of arena matches, judged on stamina, technique, and fighting instinct. Those unable to put up a decent fight are killed outright. Those that show promise are usually saved this fate. Martial prowess, both against a single opponent and multiple opponents, are quite important.

  • Trial of the Path of Death::

The Final Trial is a spirit walk. A sip of the Holy Water of Death is taken, temporarily seperating the spirit from the body, without seperating the soul from it. The spirit is sent to Death's Door, where they must undergo a journey through the Gardens of Death, speak to the keepers of the Garden and Accord them proper respect. A tea ceremony is part of this spirit walk, and those that are successful are said to see Fukumi Kyldeer herself to receive their blessing of power. If they are unable to succeed, their spirit remains in the Gardens as their soul is released. If they do succeed however, then re-awaken in their body.


  • Type: Religious, Secret
  • Allegiance: Fukumi
  • Skills: ?, ?


The order has three major branches of powers. The first one is the basic path of the Skyggan Tann, and must be taken as a show of membership in the order. The second two are refinements in the bone shaping arts.

Bone Mask

  • Type: Ritual

The monk can produce a bone or 'Death Mask'. Fresh bone seeps out over their face and muzzle, concealing their features and forming into a terrifying mask which appears as their own skull. To create the bone mask costs 1 Health but grants the use of the Emotion (Fear) Power for the Scene. Each additional Scene the monk wishes to retain the bone mask costs 1 Essence.

Dance of Blood and Bone

The Dance of Bone and Blood is a series of Abilities which represent the monk's mastery of their own body. It allows the monk to shape, harden, eject, and extrude bone as required.

Growth 1: Control Bone

  • Type: Investment
  • Description: As an Instant Action, the Skyggan Tann can spend 1 Essence to alter their bone structure, making it harder or softer for the Scene. Hardening the monk's bones grants up to (Might) Hardness and Soak, while softening their bone structure grants them (Might) Additional Successes on the Defence Trait and Acrobatics rolls that involve flexibility. The monk can squeeze into areas normally reserved for those (Might) sizes smaller. Shifting from one state to another is an Instant Action. This Ability may be used as an Active Defence.

Growth 3: Weapon of the Self

  • Type: Investment
  • Description: As an Instant Action, the Skyggan Tann may craft a weapon from their own body. This bone weapon can be edged or blunt, and has (Might) Hardness. For every 1 Health and 2 Essence, the monk gains (Growth) build points to craft the weapon with. The weapon exists indefinitely if held by the monk. If handed to another or released, it disintegrates at the end of the Scene.

Build Points

  • Light Weapon (0), Medium Weapon (1), Heavy Weapon (2)
  • (Might) Range (1), 2-Handed Optional (2), Entangling (2), Impaling (1), Knock Back (2), Parrying (1), Reach (Growth) (2), Stunning (2)
  • Damage (1 / Difficulty)

Example: A Growth 3 Skyggan Tann can make a Light, Damage 2, Impaling knife for 1 Health and 2 Essence, or can make it a Light, Damage 4, Impaling and Range 6 knife for 2 Health and 4 Essence.

Growth 5: All Encompassing Fingers of the World

  • Type: Ritual
  • Description: The Skyggan Tann can manipulate their bones, growing them into odd shapes, twisting and curling them around others. As a Full Round Action, once the monk is engaged in a grapple with another, they may spend 3 Essence and 2 Health when invoking this ritual. The monk makes a Spiritual + Perform (Ritual) Results Roll. The victim finds themselves grappled with (Potency) Successes, and the monk can then automatically escape the grapple on their next Action. The prison of bone lasts for (Might) Rounds, but the duration can be extended an additional (Might) Rounds for each additional point of Essence put into the prison when the ritual was performed.

Growth 7: Spirit of the Bones

  • Type: Ritual
  • Description: The Skyggan Tann's control over their own bones allows them to grow them and release them and animate them from a distance. The monk can grow and release a bone by either using one of their prior Abilities, or by spending 1 Essence and 2 Health. Once they have a bone prepared, they may spend 1 Essence and 1 Health to animate it, gaining awareness of the bone's presence even if it is out of sight. The monk rolls Spiritual + Perform (Ritual) to animate the bone and can sense the bone's location up to (Potency) kilometres away. The bone can crawl and move, bending and twisting as is necessary. If it is capable of being used as a weapon, it can be commanded to attack once per Round as a Free Action, going on the same Initiative as the monk. This attack uses the monk's Exotic Weapon Skill, at +3 Difficulty. The monk can always hear and see from the bone's location as an Instant Action, shutting out their current location to draw upon the bone's presence. This does leave the monk's Defence at 0 while their senses are projected.