Setting differences from the Modern Age

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Things to keep in mind that different form the modern age and the time period in Kith

Words that don't exist or are different

  • Curse words: Most modern curse words were not present or had a different meaning in medieval society. Cursing literally was just that, wishing a curse upon someone or their family as opposed to using harsh words such as in our society. Here is a good | article on medieval swearing.

Major Technologies that don't Exist

  • Antibiotic's, Painkillers and other medicines that are taken for granted in the modern age, either did not exist at all or were horrendously expensive and not very effective. See | Medieval Medicine for a good resource on Medieval Medicine.

Common modern items that don't exist

  • Menus: In medieval times eating out generally involved eating what ever food the inn keeper had prepared that day. One would typically order food, and get what ever the house served at the time for a meal.

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