Servitors of Ravana

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Status: Secret
Resources: 0
Skills: Occultism, Subterfuge
Region: Badlands

The servants of Ravana have given up their identities and souls to the demon king. In exchange, Ravana offers them power, for as long as they prove useful. Servitors of Ravana are both ecstatic and desperate, relishing the powers they have, but terrified of failure.


Becoming a Servitor requires sacrificing a person to Ravana, carefully cutting the skin from the victim to wear, then cutting out the still-living person’s heart and devouring it. This requires a Physical + Occultism Results Roll. If the roll fails, the victim expires before the ritual can be completed. If successful, the Potency becomes the number of additional dice the victim gains on their Death Save to survive being flayed alive. If the victim lives, the ritual is a success, and the Servitor is blessed by Ravana. The Servitor wraps the skin around themselves once the ritual is complete, and takes the form of the victim for a number of days equal to the victim’s Might. The Ritual takes a number of hours equal to the Difficulty chosen by the Servitor.

This ritual must be repeated before the duration of the previous one expires. If the Servitor fails to complete the ritual and gain a new skin before the previous ritual expires, the Servitor is stripped of their very being and possessed by a Rukshasa, their soul devoured by the demon.


Hidden Heart (Servitor Benifit)

The Servitor sacrifices a portion of themselves while performing the ritual, concealing themselves while in disguise. Rather than devouring the victim’s heart, the Servitor cuts out their own heart and places the victim’s heart in its place. This increases the Difficulty of the ritual by 4, and inflicts a number of Wounds upon the Servitor equal to half the victim’s Might. If successful, the wounds disappear, and the Servitor takes the place of the victim as far as Creation is concerned. All forms of divination and scrying determine that the Servitor is the victim, and the crime itself is erased from Creation, the body of the victim and the site itself cleansed away. Only the Servitor’s own actions can betray their true nature.

Rukshasa Charms (Servitor Benefit)

The Servitor gains a number of additional dice equal to the character’s Might on all Awareness, Integrity, Perform, Presence, Socialize, and Subterfuge rolls. By spending 2 Essence, the character can make these bonus dice into Additional Successes. By spending 3 Essence and reducing the duration of the ritual by a day, the character can make the bonus dice into Minimum Successes.

Stolen Blessings (Servitor Ritual)

The Servitor can sacrifice a person of Faith, and temporarily gain access to the ability to perform Miracles. The character can choose to spends three Essence and increase the Difficulty of the ritual by two while sacrificing someone from an Order that can grant Miracles. If successful, the character gains access to the ability to perform Miracles as long as they wear that form. Each Miracle performed, however, reduces the duration of the ritual by one day.

Stolen Memories (Servitor Ritual)

The Servitor replaces their eyes with the victim’s as part of the ritual, gaining some of the victim’s memories as well as their form. The character can choose to spend three Essence and two Health, increasing the Difficulty of the ritual by two while performing the ritual. If successful, the character recovers the expended Health, and can spend 1 Essence to try to recall a memory from the victim. This gives the character a number of Additional Successes on any Subterfuge Roll equal to their Might to convince others that they are who they say they are. If used for Active Defence, the character adds their Might to their Resolve to convince others they are who they say they are. The memories gained are usually short flashes of insight or vague information, and rarely detailed or extended. Each use of this Ability reduces the duration of the ritual by one day.