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This section is entirely optional. A business can exist ICly without having been set up using these rules. These rules are required specifically if a player wants an IC business to be able to grant the bonuses described in this section.

A Business can have a Potency. Potency indicates how much traffic flows through the store, and how effective a business it is. The maximum Potency is 30.

A Business can have a Size, indicating how large the business is, and how spread out it is. The larger the Size, the more impressive the place, and whether or not it operates in more than one region. The maximum Size is 30.

Skills Used
The Skill used for starting and running a Business depends on what the character is doing with it. Any Income Skill can be used for running a Business, but is inferior to the actual Business Skill, itself.

Starting a Business

When the character first wishes to start a business, they begin by making a Results Roll using the character's Mental Attribute plus a Skill appropriate to the type of Business being run. The Resource Cost of the Business is equal to the Difficulty + 5, and the Business takes a base number of Weeks to get prepared equal to the Difficulty. The character rolls at the beginning of the venture. This is a special type of Resource Roll (follow the link for details regarding this type of roll).

The Potency of the roll is split between the Business Potency and the Business Size. The character can sacrifice Potency to reduce the time it takes to build the business, by one week per point of Potency sacrificed. If the character is not using the Business Skill, one point of Potency is sacrificed and lost for every two points spent. Any unspent points are lost.

  • Note: This roll is representative of effort over a period of weeks. As such, temporary bonuses (such as most spells and Gifts or spending Essence for additional dice) cannot be used on this roll. Applicable "tools" or bonuses that are "always on" may still be used.

Expanding a Business

Once a month, rather than making an Income Roll, the character can attempt to expand a Business they possess by either increasing the Business' Potency or Size. The character sacrifices one Rank from the Trait being improved (which must have a minimum rating of 1) and makes a Mental + Skill roll, with a Difficulty and Resource Cost equal to the Rating of the Trait being increased.

The character's Successes are used to increase the Trait. If the character is not using the Business Skill, every third point is sacrificed and unused. It takes a number of Weeks to expand the Business equal to the Successes rolled. The character may sacrifice Successes to reduce the time needed to expand. Any unspent Successes are lost.

  • Note: While a Business is being created or is being expanded, the character gains no benefits from it.

Using a Business

A Business is similar to equipment. It is used to augment dice rolls, by providing support to the character. The Business augments Resource Rolls that use Skills appropriate to the type of Business being run.

When making a Resource or Income Roll through the character's Business, they gain a number of additional dice equal to the Potency of the Business. This can be done a number of times each month equal to the Size of the Business.

The character can lend services to another. This counts as two uses for the month, and the person being aided uses only half the Potency of the business.

Gutting a Business

A character can sacrifice Potency. Sacrificing one Potency gives the character a number of Additional Successes equal to the original Potency for a single Resource Roll, rather than additional dice. A character can also sacrifice Size. Sacrificing one Size gives the character one more use out of the Business in a month.

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