Roan Isles

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The Roan Islands

Ruler: None
Religion: Varied

The Roan Islands (also known as the ‘Ronan Islands’ or ‘Roan Isles’) is an island chain in the Azure Gulf. They are patrolled and inhabited by lutrai and ronin from Anaitha, who have settled in and begun a series of raids against the creatures of the Southern Wilds. They do trade with the villages and towns which exist along the western coast, and perform strikes into the Greenheart and the Sinking Lands, using Chey Sart as a port to refresh between raids. The Roan Islands has no leader, and accepts anyone who is willing to follow Robert’s Code, a series of rules used when sailing. Slaves rescued from the south are brought to the Roan Islands, and from there given their freedom.

Robert’s Code

  • Every man has a vote on affairs of the moment, has equal title to fresh provisions and strong liquors at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure unless there is a scarcity makes it necessary, for the good of all, to vote a retrenchment.
  • Every man has the right to be fairly called in turn, by list, on board for prizes because (over and above their proper share) they were on the occasion allowed a shift of clothes. If they defraud the ship and crew of more than the value of a plate (Resources 3) in jewels or money, marooning is their punishment. If the robbery is simply between two individual, the wronged individual may slit the nose and ears of the guilty, and set them ashore near civilization where they will encounter hardships.
  • No person may gamble at cards or dice for money aboard the ship.
  • All lights and candles are to be put out at eight at night. If any crew, after such hours, remain inclined to drink, they will do it on the open deck.
  • Every man is to keep their piece, side-arms, and weapons clean and fit for service.
  • No boy or woman is to be allowed among the crew. If any man is found seducing another and carries her to sea disguised, he is to suffer death.
  • Deserting the ship or quarters in battle is punished with death or marooning.
  • No striking of another on board. Every man’s quarrels are to be ended upon shore, at sword and side-arm. The parties stand back to back, take ten paces, turn, and fire. If both miss, swords are used, until first blood is drawn.
  • No man is to talk of leaving the ship, until they have paid their share of one thousand marks. If a man is to lose their limb or become a cripple in service, he is given eight hundred marks out of the public stock. Lesser injuries gain proportionately less.
  • The Captain and the Quartermaster gain two shares of a prize. The master, boatswain, and gunners, one share and a half. All other officers one share and a quarter.
  • Musicians have one day of rest per week. All other days and nights they are expected to perform, unless granted special favour.


There is no dominant religion in the Roan Islands, though the majority follow either Kij, or the Celestial Courts. The religion of the lutrai is popular with those who have escaped the Southern Wilds and the worship of Kij and Nyx outnumber any other religion in the region.


The biggest prejudice to be found in the Roan Islands is against infernal and undead. Those with demon blood are not particularly liked, but with so many by-blows among the slaves rescued, it is the exception and not the rule to distrust them. Beyond this, the only true code of honour in the region is that of the individual.


The Carribean is an inspiration for the Roan Islands, with piracy and privateering being the central theme for this region. The islands themselves are filled with coves and villages, and there is no singular authority in the region, allowing a ‘honour of thieves’ attitude to prevail.

Common Names

There are no true ‘common’ names in the Roan Islands. As the region is a potpourri of different cultures pushed together, people can have names from any of the other nations.

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