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The Republic of Aki is a combination of many people and cities that worship the Aspects of Fukumi, and show respect to the Earth Dragon, Melanie. Built upon the initial town of Aki, the capital city has grown into a large, fortified and bustling city, centered around the Shrine of Fukumi and the Grand Council Chambers. It is here that representatives of the various member cities and towns can be hear and be heard to decide policy based upon what is good for their people, and good for all. The Council of Elders, combined of the most wise of the Lii, Yukikaze, Mon'Darr, and Daisuke, watches over the proceedings and act to guide the growth of the Nation into a strong force, both economically and technologically.

Each of the member cities of the Republic is tied together with a responsibility for the betterment of all. They all accept a common currency (The Tail), speak a common tongue for each others benefit, and mix and match their talents to best grow their Nation, while maintaining the individuality of each locale. As such, trade between members of the Republic is quite commonplace, allowing each locale to benefit the others with their particular talents, while compensating the merchants for their tireless caravans that bring the Nation together.

All Roads Eventually Lead to Aki.

(Bronze Age Republic of Aki)

The Republic of Aki is built around personal freedom while allowing contribution and growth of the Nation as a whole. Each member city is greatly encouraged to develop a specialty to stand out; this could be as simple as beautifully blown glass statuettes to a breath taking view and exotic cooking. Respect is shown to the working individual, toiling in order to share their abilities with others, and able to use the earnings from that to supply that which they cannot.

Governance is done through representatives, with each capital city of the nation having two, and all minor cities having one. A city is considered ready for representation when they have grown self sufficient on their talents and location, and having shown a willingness to help the Republic as a whole. Smaller towns are more then welcome to bring matters up to the Senate if they cannot make any headway with a more local, nearby governance. Such matters if trivial, oftentimes involve a loss of face of the nearby governance for being unable to help their fellow man.

Spirituality is a personal matter, with each Capital having its own main shrine and their own way of doing things, as the basic tenants of honor, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and an adherance to the Aspects of Fukumi are fairly universal -- regardless of how they are celebrated. The shrines serve a second purpose, each one linked to the others to allow for people to get to other cities quickly; while large goods must rely on caravans, people and small items get to enjoy this long standing blessing of Fukumi Kyldeer.

As the Daisuke had caravans long before the advent of the idea of the Bronze Age, the Republic's Road System is the most developed, their coinage nearly universal, and their services for delivery reliable. All the roads through Republic Territory eventually cross with Aki, as the Capital City is directly in the center of known Nimby.

The mortal Lii tribes are a common sight all throughout Nimby, their willingness to learn and their adaptability granting strength to the otherwise slow-growing nation.



The Daisuke are fennec-fox like humanoids that formed the city of Aki long ago. They claim to be the first race on Nimby, and some stories back this claim up. Masters of Horses since first meeting the Aspects of Fukumi, they have brought trade as far and wide as they can, always seeking out new things and ways to further themselves by being in the right place, with the right thing, at the right time. All Daisuke, even the less spiritual ones, follow the Aspect of Trade in some form or another, as the tribe's ties with the Goddess Kyldeer runs long and deep. They are supernaturally gifted with a quick wit, a silver tongue, and their horse companions.


Mon'Darr are rough and tumble warrior-monks from the south-eastern forests and shorelines. Wolf-like humanoids, they follow a more tribal tradition of coming of age, of strength and glory. They have however, discovered that taming metals can be just as dangerous as any hunt, and they have since developed a fascination with the concept of uses steam with metal for hardening, softening, and propelling it. Since the Aspects of Fukumi and the Pantheon of Lii have intermingled, they have taken up enjoying some of the Orders offered by the Earth Dragon, Melanie.

Gifted with a Hunting Companion at adulthood, as well as gifts to help them survive in the hunts, they take care of much game hunting, and are known not only for the metalworking (bronze being merely the tip of the iceberg) but also their sense in various meats and spices.

The Mon'Darr are caretakers of the Saltscales, whom their share land with. The Mon'Darr protect the Saltscales and help provide for them, while the Mon'Darr get a surplus of naturally pure salt, a common trade staple within the Republic.


The Yukikaze are a long-lived race of white fox-like humanoids, who have taken to the chill mountains of the north. Following the Aspect of War, they seek to study both creation and destruction from afar. Their monk-like living and generally peaceful ways are deceiving, as some of the best military minds in all of Nimby can be found in their ranks, their connection with the Goddess of War and Life giving them uncanny insight to battle, as well as what it means to take a life.

Specialty herbs are grown in the frozen gardens, and the Yukikaze can normally be found in small groups among the guards of the Republic, as both mentors and commanders.

Lii Tribes

The mortal Lii tribes are a common sight in any of the cities of Aki, finding new ways to improve upon themselves and learn of the world. While not intrinsically gifted, their curiosity and willingness to try new things have made them an important part in the Republic.

Negru Morte

The Paladins of Death as they are known, the mysterious bat-like humanoids have no known home within the Republic. They wander from place to place following their holy mandates, guarding those that deserve it, and bringing people's stories to an end when it has been determined to be. Being in the company of one of the Paladins is a sign of fortune; those in their shadow can share the hospitality the Paladins are granted within the Republic, to a certain degree. Oftentimes, they simply are. They always travel in pairs, and often times wear concealing clothing. Many of the paladins can be seen with exotic metal weapons, gifts granted from the Goddess of Death, they call them.

The most devout of the Negru Morte, and the most to be feared are the Skyggan Tann, who wear their own skulls as masks when doing their sacred duty. It is said they are the guardians against a great evil that looms over all of Nimby, at the behest of their Goddess. They are very much a supernatural race.


Each Region of the Republic has its dominant people, although they have very little trouble mingling with others for the sake of development. The City of Aki is one of the most diverse cities on Nimby, with representatives from almost every tribe from the Aspects, and every tribe of the Lii in attendance, although it is primarily considered to be the home for the Daisuke.

Mixed marriages are uncommon, but for the concept of True Love, or a merging of smaller villages for political reasons are the most common reasons for it to happen. When the different supernatural races do not share their abilities in concert, this has led to several interesting stories, from the short-lived Yukikaze and her feline companion who went to seek all they could learn in their limited time on Nimby, to the Mon'Darr with the silver tongue who was a favorite prankster and bard.


The Republic of Aki is split into several large regions, primarily based geographically as well as by its 'main' tribe. The North, the Center, and the South East. They are divided primarily through culture, as all members of the Republic do patrols and help keep the Republic as a whole defended.

On any road between any two cities there are usually two patrols of 'locals' to those cities. The main forces of Aki runs longer patrols supported by the Republic to help maintain safety and security. If a particular region falls under attack, the Republic moves to defend it both using the roads and the Shrines; War is one of the Aspects of Fukumi. They are always ready.


The basic community structure throughout the Republic is the Family. The Daisuke remain close to their families, and interfamily relations and politics is a large deal to them. Strong families are respected for getting where they are, and in turn they have a responsibility to the community to further other families. The Yukikaze social unit is the Temple, where their family is the group, sometimes related and sometimes not, that studies, worships, and trains together. The Mon'Darr are tightly woven communities of families. The only exception is the Negru Morte, whose basic unit is the Brotherhood -- two individuals that have trained together and are combat partners. Contrary to the name it does not have to be two males, or even a male in the pairing at all.


The Republic of Aki trades many different goods; they thrive off of internal trade, and as such have much in terms of trade externally. Primarily they deal with Salt, Spices, and other food additives for flavor and keeping. They also trade in wood, grains, some artistic works, various alcohols and fabric. The universal coin of the Republic is the "Tail", a copper disk with the symbol for the Aspect of Trade on one side, and a tail on the other. Because the Daisuke roam so far and wide, the Tail can be used anywhere in Nimby, even if its just for its metal value. While barter is accepted from some backwoods nations, it is generally slanted to be much more worth the time to learn how to deal in coin.


Arts are a part of any city wishing to prove its mettle through the ages. The Republic of Aki is no different, and likes to foster the various different arts. In the north, ink is put to scroll to capture nature and life alike. The Daisuke favor sculpture, a new trade they picked up with the advent of stronger tools. The Mon'Darr carve wood, and build furniture and artistic but useful items. The Negru Morte work jewelry, as noted by their ornamentation. All crafts are of interest, especially foreign ones as they attempt to make it their own and do better then the originals.


The Republic of Aki is formed on the basic principles of the Aspect of Fukumi, as well as the basic tenants of improvement of culture, cultural domination, and enlightement. They draw some influence from their Lii counterparts, but all other religious influences are shunned as following half-truths, lies, and 'Empowered'... beings with god-like power but without the knowledge to use it properly, or simply squandering it.

A single sign of warning is ingrained into the Republic of Aki and its member cities: There is more to the world then meets the eye, and somewhere there may even be something that can rival a god in power. Faith is the way to hold everything together, and preparedness means not only creating a culture that can dwarf all others and last for a million years, but also the strength of mind and focus of body so that each individual builds a strong nation. They may very well need to defend their whole world.

The only God that has respect outside of the Aspects and the Earth Dragon (as those in Aki refer to the Goddess Melanie) is the Avatar of Justice, the Goddess Zhokora. She is a judge outside of their beliefs that can give powerful advice to be tempered by their own teachings.

Culturally, the Republic of Aki embraces other regions, taking what works best for them and discarding that which does not mesh with their views. The others people are misguided perhaps, or yet to see the light; this does not mean their art is not well done or their dances cannot be used... embracing, improving, and seeking to dominate through trade and culture is the Aki way.


What is the central philosophy of the nation, and the people inside it. What is important for them? What do they value, and what do they despise? How is the religion shaping, and what ideals and beliefs are becoming a part of it?



Describe one of the central values of the nation - both what they value, and what it opposes.

(Value 2)

See above.

(Value 3)

See Above. Repeat until you're done.  ;)


The Republic Exists to Grow and Prosper, stealing from itself or charging itself unfair prices to better the minority will not do.

Do not endanger the main roads, all must be able to come home.

Do not follow the siren song of the Empowered, no matter how seductive.


The Republic of Aki is pushing Science in a number of areas. The Daisuke in particular excel at languages and math, to better their trade. The Yukikaze work the science of war, printing and archiving. The Yukikaze scribes are meticulous and work hard to find ways to preserve what they discover. The Mon'Darr push the boundaries of metallurgy, working within the bronze age to work harder metals, picking up the Lii order of Materials, and given samples of metal that exceed all other metals found.

Developing, the Daisuke are pushing civil engineering, building larger, sturdier, and out of more interesting materials. The Yukikaze are working with their herbs for both better pigments, and alchemy, and the Mon'Darr... they have discovered the wonders of boiling water in a sealed container.


List a number of skills that are common among the nation. These skills should give a feel of the 'typical' members of the nation.


What superstitions or beliefs does the nation have? True or otherwise.


What is the tribe's pantheon?


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Supernatural Race

Appearance: Description of the Race, appearance, markings, anything which stands out.

Personality: The race's personality, general view of things, interests, and psychology.

Skills: Any specific things they are interested in. You don't need to name specific skills, but more of an overview of the type of things they have an interest in.

Lifespan and Fertility: Most races have a maximum lifespan of 80 years, adjusted by Longevity if they possess it (raising the average life span to 160). Fertility can be high (rapid increase of population), normal (slow), low (stable), or very low (population is in decline).

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Some races may have developed special abilities -- crafting skills, martial arts, or other things which are relatively unique to them. This may include Orders or other things you have developed for them. If you want to create a special ability for your people, contact Shamshiel to discuss particulars. (A good example, might be the crystal carving of the dragonets).

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Nation (Stone Age)

Geography and Climate

Description of the climate and geography, including temperatures and seasons, possible rainfall, and other such interesting things. The best way to deal with this is to grab a web page which describes the climate of a nation of the world which best reflects your territory in your mind. (For example, Giai'Shar uses the Canadian Maritimes...) You can also list what minerals and metals are available from your nation.

Flora and Fauna

As I mentioned above, snag a web page which fits your territory. This will let you know what kind of trees and plants probably exist in your region. Saves a lot of brain-work.


If you have any special plants or animals of interest, throw them in here, to let people know what stands out.


What mammals exist?


What birds?

Reptiles and Amphibians

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Don't go into the deep water unless your nation actually lives out there.




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This section is for dealing with your people before Bronze Age. This is more 'how they are now', rather than 'how they will become'.


What languages were imported? What language did they have or keep? Select two. Is the language 'quirky' or different than how it is spoken elsewhere? What makes it stand out?


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, who do you call your friends?