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Ralyn is the son of Kyn'Elwynn and Amber S'yalin, and slightly older brother to Lina, though you might not guess it by the way they act. While a proficient caster in the sorcery of Shadow like his parents and sister, his teachings focused more on his mother's druidic and nature centric ways, finding himself more at home in nature away from cities and civilizations.
His first large trial was a quest to Enoch with his sister, and several kin and companions. Hardly one of the more prominent adventurers, he nevertheless contributed his magical assisstance when he was able, from summoning additional aid in combat, to performing rituals of renewal and replenishing. Initally an opinionated, perhaps even hot-headed youth, his time there has tempered him, making him far less extroverted.
Not too long after returning to Shire he found himself engaging in a small adventure headed by the Sheriff, Amanda. Leading the group into a tower she had found out about, he was the only magical support for a group of Peacekeepers, other toughs from the Shire and a simple carpenter. Within however the group discovered knowledge and power of various sorts, interacting with a member of history itself, and defeating a psionic lich mind flayer. His loot for the trip was an ancient tome, penned by a shadow-druid from the ages of the Dragon Kings. This Codex of Non is his second most prized posession, the first being a geneology book he received from the Oracles.
At one point the tiger underwent an ordeal, bcoming Unfettered. However since then he had managed to find a way to break the curse, spurred by his proximity and affection towards Shail. Currently he spends a fair amount of time at home, in the forests near his residence, practicing his magical skills, sometimes aided by his sister, sometimes being taught by a mysterious figure known to him only as 'Mistress Shade'. Additionally with the introduction of the Unfettered, Shail into the household and bearing the child she does, he's taken on the role of a protector for her. He also has had dreams about his distant grandmother and wishes to make a connection to her in some way. In more recent history he has wed Shail and they have had two children, Suri'Nak and Kerwyn as well as adopting into the position of father to the blessed child, Kyna'Evelyn. Ralyn has also sired other children, notably Seara with a demoness in servitude to Mika and Chiyomi, a child of Naiponese descent from his consort there.


He is a male tiger who looks to be roughly 18 seasons of age. His over all build is athletic, but slight, most likely a combination of a daily exercize regimen as well as a simple diet. His attire is likewise simple in general design and function. A white linen tunic covers his top, the sleeves and hem having what appear to be runic forms along them. The tunic tucks in at his waist by a leather belt with an ornate golden buckle. Over this he wears a leather vest, the edges with green dyed trim depicting intricate circular designs that overlap and interweave. Upon his belt is a sheath for a short sword, marking him as one trained in it's use, an adventurer of some sort. Upon the other hip is a pouch, not unlike one for storing of herbs or other things. His lower half bears a pair of brown linen shorts, similarily edged in runic patterns along the hem, which stops at just above the knee. His feet are mostly unfettered, wearing only a pair of sandals that laces come up the shin. His tail, looking somewhat fluffier than a normal tiger's sways a little as he notices you, looking him over. He smiles enigmatically, lost in some thought or concentration. Instead of tigery-colored eyes of a shining youth, they are whitish and covered over in what apparently are cataracts. Seems the tiger's blind now. His headfur, dark and rich, is tied back into a pony-tail by a simple leather cord and his ears flick, bringing attention to the nick mark, like it had been torn in his left. His attitude is one of both a relaxed, calm demeanor and that of one who is taking stock of all that occurs.


Typically withdrawn and quiet, the tiger sometimes likes to make his opinion known. While this may make him appear nosey or even rude, he does, in his heart, wish to aid others and try to see a problem to it's logical conclusion.


Years ago events had left the young tiger... touched. Or rather, Untouched. When his father managed to throw himself out of the regular time stream he asked for aid from Arion. The diety was more than willing to add another to his retinue of Unfettered, and the tiger's wishes returned the elderly mage to his rightful place, but had the following profound effect upon his only son.
Ralyn the Unfettered - (Icon: Defender): Ralyn's vision had been replaced with the vision of the Tapestry. Ralyn sees the tapestry of reality, and how everything is woven into it. Objects and people are seen as the lattice-work of threads, connecting them to the world around them on multiple layers.
Ralyn's Blessing, Curse, and Ban:
Blessings: Ralyn can see and manipulate the threads of the Tapestry.
For 1 Essence: Add Craft (Fate) as Additional Successes on any use of Sorcery.
Roll Mental + Craft (Fate) as a perception roll when looking at a target. The more Successes Ralyn gains, the more details he gains. This does not cost Essence, and is an Instant Action.

 1. Race and Sex of the Target (Object Material)
 2. Current Health and Essence (Object Health and Hardness)
 3. Attributes
 4. Presence of Disease or Poisons
 5. Presence of Spell, Gift, or Pact
 6. Common Name (Commonly Used)
 7. True Name (Birth Name)

Roll Spiritual + Craft (Fate) as a perception roll when looking at a Spell, Gift, or Pact on a target. The more Successes Ralyn gains, the more details he gains. This does not cost Essence, and is a Standard Action. Once identified, Ralyn can spend 10 Essence to remove any Spells, Gifts, or Pacts from an individual as long as the individual is part of the Tapestry. This takes a Full Round Action but requires no roll.

 1. Form of Spell, Field of Gift, or Nature of Pact (Divine, Infernal, or Faerie)
 2. School of Spell, Type of Gift Used, or Type of Entity that made Pact (Entity Race)
 3. Effect of Spell, Details of Gift (what does it do?), or Effect of Pact
 4. Signature of Caster / Psychic / Entity (Ralyn will recognize them the moment he sees them)
 5. Common Name of Caster / Psychic / Entity
 6. True Name of Caster / Psychic / Entity

Can see spirits and other creatures which are not manifested but are still in close contact with Creation. This requires a Spiritual + Craft (Fate) roll against the creature's Growth. Ralyn can see through any illusion or glamour and is unaffected by them.
Can not ‘see' if someone is invisible or using other methods to conceal themselves short of direct mental manipulation. Instead, Ralyn ‘sees' the target and may simply detect that they have an effect upon them.
Sees those outside the Tapestry as either ‘voids' or ‘holes' in the Tapestry, since it weaves around such individuals. Ralyn can spend 10 Essence to make such individuals a part of the Tapestry for the Scene, weaving them into the Tapestry. For 5 DP as part of this cost, Ralyn may make a Spiritual + Craft (Fate) roll against the Growth of the target to make such an effect permanent. For most Supernatural Entities, this renders them into mundane mortals. This does not work on anyone with Primal Essence.

Curse: Ralyn can not see the normal world. Colours and details are lost on him as all he can see is the weave of creation. Any rolls involving identifying colours or details automatically fail, and Ralyn's field of view only extends out to his (Growth x 10) yards. Anything beyond that distance is a tangle of threads and colours that he can not identify. In addition, creatures which are damaging to the Tapestry or events which harm the Tapestry are painful and distracting, increasing the Difficulty of any rolls Ralyn makes by either the Growth of the creature damaging the Tapestry, or the Potency of the effect (whichever is greater). These penalties exist until Ralyn is out of view of the event, or the problem has been restored.

Ban: Ralyn remains Unfettered until the Tapestry is completely free of any tangles or tears, or until the Tapestry has been destroyed utterly (when Creation has been Judged).

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