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Speaking as someone that has left the muck years and years ago.... I am suprised that important events and regions where left out of this wiki. Do you plan on putting them back in and making the nessessary corrections?

Tuoqui: Actually Aranous is now known as Cordona due to a player not wishing the name Aranous used on FFa2. Also Aranous never conquered or annexed Aregon. Thank you for bringing this to our attention though. Just like how Anaitha is now called Carcassone for the same reason.

Tashiro: It goes a little further than that. First of all, when I was working on the history for FFa, nobody told me that Aranous got annexed. Secondly, the logistics of taking Aregon from so far south is just strange enough I would have had to have a long talk with the person making the claim. How did they annex a nation so far north? With what forces? Not to mention, when Aranous went 'boom', that pretty much removed any control Aranous had of Aregon. Thirdly, with the production of the FFa RPG in the works, there's some national names we're not using: Anaitha (by request of Alaria), and Aregon (for obvious reasons). The destruction of Aregon works well with this, simply because it gives a reason for it not to be on the map, and we can use another name for the country being rebuilt. I will note, by the by, that Aregon's blowing up was done by player actions, not staff.

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