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Psionics is the science of drawing on internal power, and shaping the world with it. Where magic draws from the outside world, the psionic character draws from themselves. Psionics is divided into Fields, which grant the character the means to learn and develop Gifts. Because of the codified structure of psionics, it is not as free-form as Sorcery is, but is faster and requires less Essence to use. Once a character has purchased Psionics, they are allowed to take Psychic Talents. Psionics are not ranked, nor are Gifts.


Each Field of Psionics is a specific field of study, a philosophy and approach that is taken to expand the capabilities of the character. A person can not use Gifts unless they hold to the philosophy of their Field, as the mind set needed to shape Essence requires the character to believe in the philosophy they pursue. The first Field costs 60 DP, and the second Field costs 40 DP. Being from a specific Nation will reduce this Cost.

A character may choose a second Field, granting them a deeper understanding of the mind and body, and the flow of Essence within them. No Field is ‘wrong’, each provides a different path for the advancement of the individual.

Field of Augmentation

This Field concentrates on the augmentation of the body, becoming stronger, faster, and more resilient than what is normal for a person.

Field of Clairsentience

This Field concentrates on the spiritual world and higher awareness, opening the character’s spirit to the greater world.

Field of Empathy

This Field concentrates on the augmentation of a person’s connection to others, allowing the character to feel and influence the thoughts and emotions of others.

Field of Kineticism

This Field concentrates on force and movement, granting the character the power of mind over matter.


Each Field of Psionics has an associated Attribute. The character’s Mastery is how much control the character has over the Gifts they access within that Field. A Gift’s Mastery is determined by taking the lower of the character’s Might or the Field’s Attribute + 3. All Gifts have are restricted by the character’s Mastery of that Field.

Field Mastery
Augmentative Physical
Empathic Social
Clairsentient Spiritual
Kinetic Mental


Each Field of Psionics grants access to Disciplines. Disciplines are ‘quasi-Gifts’ that the character gains access to upon learning the Field they have been developing. A character’s primary Field of Psionics grants them access to the Disciplines of that Field. A character’s secondary Field does not provide Disciplines.


To be able to purchase a Gift, the character must meet the Requirements for it. Each Gift has an associated Mastery. If the character does not meet the Mastery of the Gift, the Gift can not be taken. Gifts cost 5 DP Each.


When a character uses a Gift, they create a Potency. The Potency of a Gift is determined by what is needed to activate it.

  • If the Gift is rolled, it has a Potency dependent on the roll made. This is normally a Results Roll.
  • If a roll is not made, the Gift has (Mastery) Potency. For 2 additional Essence, it has (Mastery + Might) Potency.
  • If it is a Touch Gift, the Gift has (Mastery + Successes) Potency.


Activation determines how many Actions or Rounds it will take to activate the Gift. During this time the character can be interrupted, forcing a Concentration Roll.


Gifts may be used at range. Unless specified otherwise, to use a Gift on another target requires the character to be able to see or sense the target. This sense may be augmented by other methods such as Gifts or Spells which enhanced the character’s perceptions. If a Gift has an area of effect, the character’s Size is added to the radius with a minimum Radius is 1.

Range Distance
Self Character
Touch Touch Range
Aura (Mastery) Yards
Limited (Mastery x 10) Yards
Great (Mastery) Miles
Full (Mastery x 10) Miles


The Duration determines how long the Gift remains active. If the Gift does not have a duration of Concentration, then the Gift is sustained by the Essence spent, though a failed Concentration Roll will end the Gift’s effects.


While the psychic is attempting to maintain a Gift with concentration or is in the process of activating a Gift and becomes distracted, they must make a concentration roll. The psychic makes a (Mental + Endurance) D (Trigger) roll (see chart). For every Gift the caster is maintaining, they lose one Success from the roll.

A character is capable of concentrating on more than one Gift at a time. For each Gift the character must maintain, they lose one Success on all rolls they must make, and lose one point from their Defence, Resistance, and Resolve, Initiative, and Speed. The maximum number of Gifts that can be maintained through Concentration is equal to half the character’s Might.

Trigger Difficulty
Attack (Any Type) Successes of Attack
Jogging / Running 2 / 4
Skill Roll Difficulty of Skill Roll

Psychic Tell

All psychics have a Tell, an obvious manifestation when they use their Gifts or Psychic Disciplines. A Tell is tailored to the character and how they see their Gifts, and is usually associated with the first Field of Psionics that the character developed. A character can attempt to conceal the Tell of using a Gift. Doing so costs the character Essence. The psychic spends an amount of Essence up to their Might to conceal the Tell. Anyone who wishes to notice the Tell must then roll Mental + Awareness with a Difficulty equal to the Essence spent by the psychic.


A character can augment their psychic powers by performing a Preparation. The psychic performs a Full Round Action in preparation. For each Action sacrificed in the Round, the character can reduce the Essence Cost or the Difficulty of the Gift or Discipline by two. This can not reduce the Essence Cost or Difficulty of the effect below one. The character may also use an Invocation to reduce cost of concealing the character’s Tell.

Essence Commitment

Any Essence spent on a Gift or Discipline remains committed until the effect has worn off. Once the Effect has passed, the character can recover the Essence spent. Until then, any method used to recover the Essence that is being used fails.