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Property in the Shire
The nation of the Shire is considered to be owned by the Blue Wizard. The land itself is owned by her, and the Peace Keepers are considered the guardians who protect her land. Nobody in the Shire can own land, since it does not belong to anyone to sell or give.

Building is done by need and permission. Originally, the Mayor and those under the Mayor's employ would take petitions for building and use of property, and would accept or deny any requests. In the current age, this had been done through a division within the Peace Keepers until in 1027 AE, Amanda Dalton re-instated the position of mayor as a seperate post from that of the Sheriff, handing over all rights and duties regarding land contracts to that office.

Anyone who wishes to use a piece of land brings a petition to the Peace Keepers, or the office of the mayor. The proposal is looked at (is this building needed? Would it be used? Who is asking for it to be built and why?) and if it is approved, the person wanting to use the land pays a fee to the city and the land is marked out for their use. Use of the land is taxed yearly, and if the tax is not payed, the land is reclaimed by the Peace Keepers. If it is used for residents or provides a critical function, the Peace Keepers will ensure the continued operating of that portion of land (such as a housing complex, or a store which sells essentials), until they can find someone to take over. A section of land used for profit pays a portion of these profits to the Peace Keepers.

If someone is abusing their rights to the land (a land owner over-charging people to live there, or letting a place become run down), the land can be taken away from them, and reclaimed by the Peace Keepers. Eviction is possible, and by force if necessary. The land, after all, does belong to the Blue Wizard.

There is no such thing as a 'search warrant'. Property belongs to the Blue Wizard, and as such Peace Keepers are allowed anywhere within the Shire, permission not required. All arguements against this are subtle, quiet and often quelled quickly. The stain of the result of the Argus Independence is fresh in the minds of many citizens.

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