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Crafting Skill, Income Skill, Specialty Skill
The Skill to be able to perform professionally within an occupation or a field of work. The character knows how to perform their occupation and may use it to gain income or to craft. The character must choose one Specialty each time this Skill is taken. This Skill may only be used with a Specialty that the character possesses. If the character does not have the appropriate Specialty, the character rolls Unskilled.

Example Specialties
Black Smith, Carpenter, Cobbler, Courtesan, Inn-Keeper, Sword Smith, Tanner

The Teaching Specialty allows the character to attempt to teach others a Skill the character possesses. The character spends one week teaching the student for every Skill Rank the student already possesses. This time is reduced by the character’s Growth (with a minimum time of one week). The teacher must have a higher Skill Rank than the student. At the end of this time, the character makes a roll using their Mental + Profession with a Difficulty equal to the student’s Growth + Skill Rank. If the character succeeds, they gain a +1 Bonus to all rolls using that Skill. A character can only be trained in any given Skill once.

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