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Those scholars and warlocks who have studied the movements of the gods, and the events which have transpired when a god moves on the world, are known to use one word more than any other: primeval. Those who have encountered such power often speak of it with a combination of fear and awe.

Primeval Essence

Primeval Essence can be described as a god’s soul. It is the heart of those who have attained divinity, or that have gone through the process of apotheosis. Primeval Essence is immediately recognized by mortals, it resonates with the mortal's soul in a manner that no other power can, and the divine being is acknowledged instinctually as 'a god'. Only gods who conceal their divinity are able to pass through the mortal world without attracting reverence or fear from the mortal populace. The witness of a divine entity finds it impossible to recognize the being as anything but a god. It is not a simple spirit, or ghost, and the aura is not simply magic or Psionics.


A Hero who achieves apotheosis adds their (+Half Growth) as a bonus to each Attribute. In addition, the newly created divinity is no longer restricted to a Growth of 7, and can continue attaining Growth well beyond such limits. This, of course, also means the Hero’s Attributes and Skills can also continue to increase, beyond the normal scale of 1 to 10. The Hero gains a new Secondary Trait called Primeval Essence (or Prime). This Trait is determined by adding the lowest of the Hero’s two Attributes, and is a pool similar to the Hero’s Essence and Health. The Hero’s potential as a new divinity is dependant on the Hero’s Growth. Once the Hero reaches Growth 15, their very presence is a strain upon Creation. The Hero is banished from Creation and drawn out to the Divine Realms, where their primeval essence crafts a realm for them suited to their natures.

Growth Divine Rank
01 to 07 Hero
08 to 14 Demigod
15 to 21 Lesser Power
22 to 28 Minor Power
29 to 35 Major Power
36 to 42 Greater Power
43 to 49 Transcendent

Divine Destruction

While incredibly powerful, it is also difficult to slay the Hero. Those wishing to do so have limited options – they can attempt to destroy one of the Hero’s incarnations and hope for the best, or attempt to track the Hero to their realm and attempt to destroy them there. Doing the latter is a near-impossible feat, as the Hero has full control of their realm and everything that is within it. The ‘realm’ of the Hero is essentially their divine soul made manifest. Only a god-slaying weapon can truly protect someone while they are within the heart of a divine realm.

Slaying an incarnation may destroy the Hero. When an incarnation is slain, the Hero loses an amount of Prime equal to the Successes of the attack roll. If this reduces the Hero to 0 Primeval Essence, the Hero is slain. As such, most divinities refuse to spend their last few points of Primeval Essence. If the incarnation is slain, their remaining Prime is unleashed, destroying and altering the landscape around the point of death. The barriers between realms weakens, magic goes out of control, and the remnants become a blasted wasteland. The destruction covers (Growth) spherical kilometres and everything within the area takes (Primeval Essence + 3) Wounds which are unable to be soaked. Parallel realms also suffer damage from this attack, as indicated below. Each rank includes the realms of the rank that precedes it.

Rank Hero Demigod Lesser Power Minor Power Major Power Greater Power Transcendent
Realms Creation Only Logos Pathos Ethos Antumbra Penumbra Umbra

The corpse of the Hero will manifest in the realm most suited to the Hero’s portfolio. Thus, a god of the death is most likely to manifest in the Umbra, while a god of dreams may manifest in the realm of Pathos. The Hero will manifest as a towering figure, about (Growth x Divine Rank) metres in height. Deep within the body of the slain divinity is the remnant, a portion of the Hero’s consciousness. If imbued with Primeval Essence (see the Imbuing Power), the Hero is reborn and lives once again. The Hero’s Attributes and Skills are halved.

Divine Presence

The presence of the Hero is impossible to ignore. Any mortal who witnesses the Hero is immediately aware of what they are encountering, and can not fail to respond to the presence of such an entity. Anything else in Creation pales before the might of a divinity. How a mortal responds depends on how powerful the Hero is, and how much Resolve the mortal has, and what faith the mortal is. Once the effect is determined, the mortal may make a (Spiritual + Integrity) D (Growth) roll. If the mortal passes, the impact of the divine presence is one less. If the mortal fails, they act at the level indicated. A mortal can not get an effect weaker than Acknowledged.

  • Base Effect: Hero’s Spiritual Attribute – Mortal’s Resolve
  • Modifiers:
    • Mortal is a faithful of the Hero’s Pantheon: +10
    • Mortal is a faithful of an Allied Pantheon: +5
    • Mortal is a member of a Neutral Faith: –5
    • Mortal is a member of a Hostile Faith: –10

If the Hero acts in a manner which is contradictory to the faith, or acts in a manner which directly opposes an opposing mortal’s faith, the divine presence begins to weaken. Each time the Hero acts contrary to what would be accepted or expected from the divine, the mortals who witness or experience the event find the Hero’s grip on them fading. The Hero’s Divine Presence is permanently reduced by one each time this happens for the mortal in question.

Total of 0 or Less Acknowledged: The mortal is aware of the Hero’s divine power, and must expend 1 Essence each and every time they wish to act disrespectful or hostile to the Hero. If the mortal does not have enough Essence, or chooses not to expend Essence, the mortal must act with the utmost respect to the Hero. If the mortal is a faithful of the Hero’s pantheon, they must spend 2 Essence, rather than 1.
Total of 1 to 10 Divine Right: The mortal responds to the Hero as a superior, subconsciously acting in a manner which shows subservience. The mortal is incapable of acting in a derogatory fashion to the Hero, even if placed under unnatural influence. If the Hero says anything which could be construed as a command, the mortal must make a (Spiritual + Integrity) D (Growth) roll if they wish to resist complying with it. Acting on behalf of the Hero grants (Growth) Additional Successes on any rolls required to ensure the command is followed through. If the mortal is a member of a hostile faith, they may spend one Essence to automatically resist the command if the roll fails. Acting contrary to the Hero’s desires, however, forces a (+Half Growth) Difficulty to all rolls involving opposing the command.
Total of 11 to 20 Divine Awe: The mortal responds to the Hero in awe or terror, recognizing them as a true power beyond mortal understanding. If the mortal worships the Hero’s pantheon, they will obey the will of the divine without question. If the mortal is not aligned to a pantheon, and have a Resolve that is less than the Hero’s Growth, they must spend 1 Essence per Scene they are in the Hero’s presence, or convert to the Hero’s faith. If the mortal is of a hostile faith, the conflict of belief inflicts (Hero’s Growth) Wounds upon the mortal, which may be Soaked using the mortal’s Spiritual Attribute. If the Hero grows angry with a mortal subject to Divine Awe, the mortal suffers from the radiance of the Hero’s primal aura, and suffers (Growth) Wounds immediately, as if they were a member of a hostile faith. This effect can occur only once per Scene.
Total of 21 or More Rapture: Mortals can barely exist in the face of a Hero of this power. If the mortal worships the Hero’s pantheon, they are stripped of all free will, and act as an extension of the Hero. The mortal gains (Growth) Minimum Successes on any action that fulfils the Hero’s commands, and the mortal can not act contrary to the Hero’s wishes, and can not have a crisis of faith or question the Hero. If the mortal is not aligned to any pantheon, they suffer (Growth) Wounds, which can be soaked using the Spiritual Attribute. If the mortal survives, they convert to the Hero’s faith, and suffer the effects of Divine Awe for the faithful. Mortals who are of a hostile faith immediately make a (Spiritual) Death Save. If they survive, they suffer (Growth) Wounds as mentioned above. If the Hero grows angry at a mortal under the effects of Rapture, the mortal immediately makes a (Spiritual) Death Save to avoid dying instantly, and suffers the Wounds listed above. A mortal can only be struck in this fashion once per Scene.


The spark that exists within the heart of the divine Hero produces Primeval Essence, or Prime. Expended Prime replenishes at a rate of one point per day. The very nature of this essence is used to enforce the will of the Hero upon Creation, and is what sets the divine Hero apart from all other creatures. Some powers are beyond that of weaker divinities, and can only be claimed if the Hero has ascended to a strong enough god.


A Hero may use Prime to lace the use of a Skill, writing it into Creation to create a perfect action. Any Skill, when used, can be laced with Prime, making the conclusion nearly impossible to ignore. The Hero can spend 1 Prime to gain (Half Might) Minimum Successes on the action. When used for a Perfect Defence the Hero can spend 1 Prime to remove (Half Might) Successes from the roll made against them. If the roll does not use a Skill, but uses an Attribute (a Soak Roll for example), the Hero can spend 2 Prime to gain up to (Half Might) Minimum Successes on the roll. Unlike normal Minimum Successes, the Difficulty of the roll does not increase.

Divine Powers

Below are the minimum capabilities of all divine powers. Anyone who has Primeval Essence is capable of the following powers, regardless of Growth. These Powers are considered very inefficient use of Primal, but can be helpful when needed.


  • Action: Instant
  • Cost: 10 Prime
  • Description: The Hero stops a mundane attack completely, and takes no damage at all. If Prime was used for the attack, then it instead cancels (Might) damage. For each additional point of Prime spent (up to Half Might), the damage can be reduced by one more. If another is attacked instead, the cost can be increased by 2 to protect the target instead.


  • Action: Instant
  • Cost: 15 Prime
  • Description: The Hero heals all wounds immediately. If there is an effect which limits or counters healing that had Prime spent to fuel it, this instead heals (Might) damage. For each additional point of Prime spent (up to Half Might), the Hero heals one additional Wound. If another is attacked instead, the cost can be increased by 3 to heal the target instead.


  • Action: Standard
  • Cost: 5 Prime
  • Description: The Hero unleashes a raw blast of power. There is no roll to attack with this power. This immediately slays any mortal of up to (Half Might) Growth - forcing an immediate Death Save to simply by unconscious at 0 Health. If the target is not mortal, or is a Companion or other augmented mortal, the attack inflicts (Might) Wounds which can not be soaked by any mundane method. Aegis can be used as normal, as can a Soak roll which is augmented by Prime.

True Powers

Once the Hero reaches Growth 8 and becomes a demigod, they are allowed to claim additional Powers. These act much like normal Powers, and cost 30 DP each to claim. The Hero must meet the requirements to purchase a Power.

Hero Powers

From Growth 1 to 7, the Hero is just that – a Hero – a legendary figure, capable of acting beyond the expectation of mortals. They still possess Primeval Essence, however, granting them to gain abilities that are read of only in legend.

  • Companion (Growth 1, 30 DP)
    • The Hero chooses a single person to become their companion. This individual is provided a number of benefits as long as they remain favoured by the Hero. The Hero divides four Attribute Bonus Points between the companion’s Attributes, and provides them with a four Skill Bonus Points to divided among the companion’s Skills. The companion is protected partially by the Hero’s divinity, and if the companion fails a Death Save, the Hero can spend (Might) Prime to have the companion saved – what would normally be a fatal effect instead renders the companion unconscious, and they are restored to 1 Health. The Hero can create an additional companion at Growth 4, every three levels of Growth beyond.
  • Aspect (Growth 4)
    • The Hero begins to draw upon their divinity, developing an aspect of what will eventually become their purview. The Hero chooses a single Spell Effect which becomes an innate part of the Hero’s presence and identity. This Aspect can be made manifest for 1 Prime, radiating around the Hero. Any healing or damage which is inflicted by the Effect can not be prevented by mortal means. Even if not manifested, when the Hero performs an attack, the Aspect is immediately made a part of that attack, producing the Effect appropriate for the attack made. The Hero may choose to not use an Effect. The Hero is immune to any effects which uses an Aspect that the Hero possesses. The Hero gains an additional Aspect each time they gain a Divine Rank.
  • Demesne (Growth 7)
    • The Hero chooses one region which becomes an aspect of their divinity. This may be a political border, a named region which straddles more than one border, or any other recognized division of a land (Kith Kanaan can not be chosen). While acting within the region, the Hero gains (Half Might) Additional Successes on any roll performed. In addition, the Hero gains a sense of when impending trouble will occur within their domain, and can attempt to be there when the trouble will occur. The Hero gains an additional Demesne each time they gain a Divine Rank.

Demigod Powers

To become a Demigod, the Hero must be Growth 8 or more and must spend 50 DP. As a demigod, the Hero is only beginning to gain a grasp of the power they control. The demigod holds a focus on the creation of champions (called avatars), inspiring people to speak on their behalf (called prophets), and ultimately, to create a divine double of themselves (called incarna). The demigod also begins to create their purview, slowly creating their divine identity. Demigods are usually lesser powers, such as True Archons. The Queen of R’Tal is a recognized demigod.

  • Manifestation (Growth 8)
    • The Hero begins to manifest outward signs of their true nature. The Hero develops a power, unique to their purview, and has this power approved by staff. This power becomes an ability that is unique to the Hero, helping to solidify the Hero’s appearance and role as a member of a divine pantheon. An additional power may be created at Growth 11 and every three ranks of Growth beyond. Any costs associated with this manifestation requires the expenditure of Prime.
  • Prophet (Growth 8, 1+ Prime, 1+ DP, Full Round Action)
    • The Hero may place a portion of their awareness within a mortal host, creating a fusion of the personalities of both the mortal and the Hero. For every 1 Prime and 1 DP spent, the mortal gains (Might) DP to spend on augmenting their character sheet. The Hero may spend up to (Half Might) Prime and DP in this fashion, and may dictate what the mortal gains. The mortal may purchase Lesser Miracle and Purview as Powers if the Hero already possesses them. The mortal does not gain Primeval Essence. This is a permanent effect until such a time as the Hero wishes to revoke the mortal’s status. The mortal loses the DP gained from becoming a Prophet, but the Hero does not recover the spent DP.
  • Avatar (Growth 11, 2+ Prime, 2+ DP, Full Round Action)
    • The Hero creates a lesser manifestation of their will. For every 2 Prime and 2 DP spent, the Hero gains (Might) DP to spend on the creation of an individual. The Hero may spend up to (Growth x 2) Prime and DP in this fashion. A character sheet is created for the Avatar, and the Avatar is placed within Creation in a location sacred to the Hero. Avatars are self aware and have some level of independence. Avatars do not possess Primeval Essence, and pay Essence to activate any divine Powers they purchase. This is a permanent effect until such a time as the Hero wishes to recall the Avatar. The Avatar ceases to exist, but the Hero does not recover DP.
  • Domain (Growth 11, Requires Demesne)
    • The Hero chooses a demesne they control. While within the region, the Hero gains awareness of any event which would be considered reasonably important to the demigod. The demigod can not be surprised while within the domain, and is immediately aware of the actions of any group or specific individuals the Hero considers of importance. This is considered a Divination Effect with (Might) Potency. If the target is attempting to use counter divination, it may cloak the users from this Power unless the Hero focusses their attention – at which case only a divine counter of equal or greater strength will defeat this Power. The Hero augments an additional demesne each time they gain a Divine Rank.
  • Incarna (Growth 14, Requires Avatar, (Growth) Prime, (Growth) DP, (Growth) Days)
    • The Hero creates a mortal manifestation of themselves. This incarna uses the same character sheet as their divine form, without the benefits that their Primeval ascension have granted them (no Primeval bonuses to Attributes or Powers). The incarna may attempt to use any Primeval Power that their creator has access to, but pays twice any Prime costs in Essence and loses (Half Growth Requirement) in Health when doing so. The incarna exists until recalled by the Hero, or until slain. The Hero may only have one incarna at this divine rank, but may simultaneously create and use an additional incarna each time they gain a Divine Rank.

Lesser Powers

To become a Lesser Power, the Hero must be Growth 15 or more and must spend 50 DP. While within Creation, the Hero can not recover Prime – their presence is at odds with the Tapestry that surrounds them, and the Tapestry responds by barring them from recovering Prime. The Hero can retreat, withdrawing to the edge of the Tapestry to recover Prime, but upon doing so will not be able to directly return to Creation except under specific circumstances. Most Lesser Powers reside with their divine patron when outside of Creation. Lesser Powers are recognized as the servants of the true gods, and are usually powerful Named entities, such as the Dove Queen or the Shadow King.

  • Beast Mastery (Growth 15, 5 Prime, Full Round Action)
    • The Hero can create animals through sheer force of will. By paying the cost, the Hero may create up to (Might) creatures of the same type at once with a Size of 0. For each –1 Size the creatures possess, the Hero may reduce the Prime Cost by 1, or double the number of creatures created (2 x Might at –1 Size, 4 x Might at –2 Size, 6 x Might at –3 Size). For each +1 Size the creatures possess, the Hero may increase the Prime Cost by 1, or halve the number of creatures created (Might / 2 at +1 Size, Might / 4 at +2 Size, Might / 6 at +3 Size). For every 2 Prime spent over the initial cost, the animals gain (Might) DP to be spent as the Hero sees fit. These animals are fanatically loyal to the Hero and will serve unquestioningly. The animals start with the base attributes of the type created.
  • Envoy (Growth 15, Requires Domain and Incarna, (Growth) Prime, Full Round Action)
    • The Hero may use an Incarna, placing them anywhere within a domain the Hero controls, even if the Hero is not present within the realm that the domain exists within. The Hero gains full access to the Envoy’s senses, and knows exactly what the envoy is doing at all times. The Hero may recall the envoy at any time, drawing them to the Hero’s location, and then send them to another domain the Hero possesses as a Full Round Action.
  • Realm Walk (Growth 18, 3 Prime per Realm, Special Time)
    • The Hero learns how to travel across the length and width of the greater Tapestry, moving from realm to realm on foot. Once the Hero finds a suitable place to pause, they may pierce the barriers between Realms, moving onto the next Realm to continue this journey. The amount of time the Hero must travel to find the appropriate barrier is listed below.
Travel Time (Days)
  Creation Pathos Ethos Logos Antumbra Penumbra Umbra Divine Infernal Faerie The Woods Parallel *
Creation 3 5 5 5 7 7 7 9 9 9 11 13
Pathos 5 3 5 5 5 7 7 7 9 7 9 11
Ethos 5 5 3 5 7 5 7 9 7 7 9 11
Logos 5 5 5 3 7 7 5 7 7 9 9 11
Antumbra 7 5 7 7 3 5 5 5 7 5 7 9
Penumbra 7 7 5 7 5 3 5 7 5 5 7 9
Umbra 7 7 7 5 5 5 3 5 5 7 7 9
Divine 9 7 9 7 5 7 5 3 7 7 5 7
Infernal 9 9 7 7 7 5 5 7 3 7 5 7
Faerie 9 7 7 9 5 5 7 7 7 3 5 7
The Woods 11 9 9 9 7 7 7 5 5 5 3 5
Parallel * 13 11 11 11 9 9 9 7 7 7 5 13
* A parallel Creation is one that is connected through The Woods, or is remote, such as Rym. Going from parallel Creation to a different parallel Creation is considered very difficult.
  • Summon (Growth 21, (Growth) Prime, Full Round Action)
    • The Hero may manifest within Creation for a period of time. The Hero chooses a narrow period of time in which they are allowed to enter Creation, requiring the staff’s approval. When these conditions are met, the Hero must be called by those who are faithful to the Hero. This is a (Spiritual + Occultism) Results Roll that takes (Might) Hours to perform, and if successful, the Hero spends the Prime and becomes manifest. The Hero may remain in Creation for (Potency) Hours with no restriction on their Powers. During this time, the Hero also recovers Prime at the normal rate. As long as the Hero’s faithful are willing to continue the ritual to keep the Hero manifest (and have the endurance to perform the ritual incessantly), the Hero may remain within Creation unimpeded. An additional condition to allow manifesting can be added with each additional Divine Rank.

Minor Powers

To become a Minor Power, the Hero must be at least Growth 22, and must spend 50 DP. Minor Powers are recognized as true divinities, proper gods of the pantheon rather than servants. Minor Powers are restricted from entering Creation, causing disruption with their very presence unless specifically called or under extreme constraints. Most Minor Powers create a divine realm to reside in, providing themselves with a home and protection beyond the Tapestry. The Rymnian Pantheon consists almost exclusively of Minor Powers.

  • Divine Realm (Growth 22, Requires Manifestation, Free, 1 Day)
    • The Hero crafts a region for themselves out beyond the Tapestry. This realm covers a (Might) kilometre sphere, allowing the Hero to control all aspects of the realm. The Hero must be able to survive in this region, but can otherwise alter it at will. Any effect produced has (Half Might) Potency or (Might) Potency if the effect is appropriate for the Hero’s manifestation. The Hero can shape the realm much as if using the Miracle Power, paying one half the Prime cost, or one quarter if it is appropriate to the Hero’s Aspect.
  • Miracle (Growth 22, Requires Aspect, 1+ Prime, Instant Action)
    • The Hero may create a miracle, constructing it with a pool equal to the Hero’s Might. The Miracle has a cost equal to the amount of pool used, and has (Might) Potency. If the miracle fits within the Hero’s Aspect, than the Prime cost is halved. If the effect is permanent, DP must still be paid for it.
  • Creation (Growth 25, Requires Beast Mastery, 10 Prime, Full Round Action)
    • The Hero can create mythic animals through force of will. By paying the cost, the Hero may create up to (Half Might) creatures of the same type at once with a Size of 0. For each –1 Size the creatures possess, the Hero may reduce the Prime Cost by 1, or double the number of creatures created (Might at –1 Size, 2 x Might at –2 Size, 4 x Might at –3 Size). For each +1 Size the creatures possess, the Hero may increase the Prime Cost by 1, or halve the number of creatures created (Might / 4 at +1 Size, Might / 6 at +2 Size, Might / 8 at +3 Size). For every 2 Prime spent over the initial cost, the animals gain (Might) DP to be spent as the Hero sees fit. These animals are fanatically loyal to the Hero and will serve unquestioningly. The mythic animal begins with the normal attributes for that type of creature.
  • Imbue (Growth 28, Requires Prophet, (Might) Prime, 50 DP, –1 all Attributes, Instant Action)
    • The Hero can create a new divinity, imbuing someone with Primeval Essence. By paying the cost, including a permanent –1 penalty to each Attribute, they provide a portion of their power to a mortal or other divinity. If the subject is mortal, they become divine. If the subject is already divine, they gain a permanent +1 to each Attribute. This is not a bonus, but an actual increase to each Attribute, which is often enough to promote the subject up a full rank of Growth. If the Hero wishes to promote the subject further, they may spend the Prime and accept the Attribute penalty to continue granting a boost to Attributes, but only need to spend DP if the subject gains a Divine Rank from it.

Major Power

To become a Major Power, the Hero must be at least Growth 29, and must spend 50 DP. The Hero is recognized as a major player within their pantheon, though perhaps not as powerful as the primary gods of the pantheon. These divinities have access to many of the major powers associated with the gods. Maya and Tsunami are recognized as Major Powers.

  • Purview (Growth 29, Requires Manifestation and Domain)
    • The Hero chooses a symbol of their divinity, a purview which they have dominance over. When performing an action which falls within the Hero’s purview, they reduce all costs by half. If this action is an attack or defence, and is opposed by another divinity, the opponent must double any costs associated with it to act against the Hero within their purview. For example, an action which costs 5 Prime, when opposing the Hero within his purview, will cost an additional 3 Prime. The Hero gains another purview for each additional Divine Rank they claim. All purviews must be cleared with the staff.
  • Awakening (Growth 32, Requires Creation, 15 Prime, Full Round Action)
    • The Hero can create True Souls, and thus, can create actual mortals. By paying the cost, the Hero can create a single individual with a DP of 0. For every 2 Prime spent over the initial cost, the mortal gains (Might) DP to be spent as the Hero sees fit. This person is loyal to the Hero, but how they further react depends on the Hero’s Divine Presence and how the mortal is treated. The mortal begins with the normal traits for a person with 0 DP.
  • Sponsor (Growth 35, Requires Domain, (Might) Prime, Optional (Might) DP)
    • The Hero sponsors a Lesser Power to be a representative within their domain. The Lesser Power must have the Summon Power to benefit from this. While this Power is active, the Hero may not recover the Prime expended to maintain it, unless they are willing to spend the DP Cost to make the effect perpetual. The recipient is capable of existing within Creation with no penalties while this Power is maintained, and as long as they do not surpass Lesser Power. The Hero may sponsor one Lesser Power, and may sponsor an additional Lesser Power for each additional Divine Rank gained.

Greater Power

To become a Greater Power, the Hero must be at least Growth 36, and must spend 50 DP. Greater Powers are the leaders of pantheons, or are recognized as the gods whose place among the pantheon is unquestioned. Greater Powers are awe-inspiring figures, their powers spanning realms as they move the world to suit their needs. These are the figures who write the Tapestry. The Archangels of the Joshuite Faith, and Mana of the Arin Pantheon, are examples of Greater Powers.

  • Omnipotence (Growth 36, Requires Purview, 1+ Prime)
    • The Hero can alter the Tapestry as they see fit, moving individual threads as needed to shape Creation. Any mortal who is of the Hero’s faith may have their threads adjusted as well. To alter the threads of the Tapestry, the Hero constructs the effect in the same manner as Sorcery. The Essence Cost is halved, and paid for using Prime, and takes an Instant Action to perform. The effect always has up to (Might) Potency as the Hero chooses, and if the effect is to be permanent, the Hero must spend (Potency) DP.
  • Omniscience (Growth 39, Requires Purview, 1+ Prime)
    • The Hero is immediately aware of the thoughts and actions of any mortal who worships the Hero specifically without Cost. If the Hero possesses the Miracle Power, they may perform a Miracle through any mortal who worships them. The miracle has (Mortal’s Might) Potency. The Hero spends the Prime to fuel the Miracle, unless the mortal is willing to pay the Essence Cost. If the Hero wishes, they may choose to raise the Potency to their own Might, but the mortal loses Health equal to the Cost of the Miracle.
  • Omnipresence (Growth 42, Requires Purview, 1+ Prime)
    • The Hero is considered to be present and aware in any Demesne, Domain, or region which suits the Hero’s Purview, or which has been sanctified by a worshipper without Cost. If the Hero has the Miracle Power, they may use that Power in the region, paying all Costs as normal.
  • Primordial (Growth 42, Requires Awakening, 1+ Prime)
    • The Hero is capable of creating life in all forms. The Hero uses either Awakening, Creation, or Beast Mastery, and makes a Spiritual + Craft (Life) Results Roll. The number of creatures created are multiplied by the Potency of the roll. The Hero spends an amount of Prime equal to the Potency.


Extremely few mortals know of the Transcendent gods, those who can create or destroy entire realms with but a few spoken words. These gods travel from Creation to Creation, their purpose unknown and perhaps unknowable. The Transcendent serve the Elohim, which some believe is the source of Primeval Essence. Among the gods of Kith Kanaan, Arion is one of the few known to be a Transcendent. Some speculate that Adonai may be another. To become a Transcendent requires at least a Growth of 43 and the Hero must expend 100 DP.

  • Commune (Growth 43)
    • The Hero can commune with the Eloah that serves as his patron. The guiding power behind the Hero becomes a guide, directing the Hero to act and provides the Hero purpose. The Hero may be tasked with moving to a new Creation, or guiding the mortals of the current Creation towards a greater task, or some other purpose that the Eloah requires. The Hero may make a (Spiritual + Meditation) Results Roll, and recovers (Potency) Prime and Essence. As a result of this, however, the Hero is given one task to perform, and can not perform Commune until the task is completed to the Eloah’s satisfaction.
  • Judgement (Growth 45)
    • The Hero calls upon the force of Entropy, and draws it into Creation. The Hero must sacrifice a True Soul to the forces of Entropy, or suffer a permanent –1 Penalty to one Attribute as they give a portion of themselves instead. The Hero makes a Social + Integrity roll against a Difficulty of 30. If the Hero sacrificed a soul, the Difficulty is 40. If the Hero fails, they are devoured by the forces of Entropy, leaving nothing behind. Success on this roll causes Creation to be destroyed utterly, with the Hero holding the potential that Creation had. The Hero gains (Potency x Might) Primeval Essence from the effect. This Prime allows the Hero to surpass their maximum Primeval Essence, but naturally bleeds off at one point per day. If the Hero gains 10 Successes or more on the roll, they may also remove one –1 Attribute Penalty they possess.
  • Genesis (Growth 48, Requires Primordial and Judgement)
    • The Hero knows how to perform the aria of creation, forming a new Creation from Nothing. This requires 100 Primeval Essence, and the Hero must make a special Results Roll, using Spiritual + Perform, but allowing a Difficulty of up to (Might x 2). If the Hero fails, they must make an immediate Death Save as their Primal Essence is used to fuel the birth of the new Creation – at the risk of destroying themselves in the process. If the Hero succeeds in the Death Save, the new Creation is not born, but the Primeval Essence is lost. If the Hero succeeds in the Results Roll, they gain a +1 bonus to all Attributes for every 10 Potency, as the growing Creation fuels their divine soul. The Potency of the roll is also granted as DP the Hero may spend on any aspect of Creation they wish to create.