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The Races that exist in Kith Kanaan have access to Powers which are beyond the means of most mortals. While these Races can tap into the supernatural abilities available to them, most mortal characters can only hope to hold such powers at their beck and call. Still, once in a while someone finds the spark of something special within them, awakening a gift that sets them apart from others. These are Powers. Powers are divided into the categories of Affliction, Charm, Form, Innate, and True. Powers are expensive, but their Cost depends on the nature of the character attempting to purchase them.

  • Powers cost 50 DP if the character is Mundane.
  • Powers cost 10 DP each if available to the character's Race.
  • Powers cost 30 DP if it is not available to the character's Race.


Action: What Action is needed to activate the Power.

Affliction: Powers which cause debilitation and harm to those the victim of a supernatural attack. Afflictions often have lingering effects which last for a Scene.

Charm: Powers which influence the mind and emotions of the target, controlling and manipulating the victim of the attack.

Constant: The Power remains in effect until the user dismisses it.

Duration: How long the Power is activated for and how long the Effect remains.

Essence: How much Essence must be spent to activate the Power.

Form: Powers which involve the natural body, indicating an alteration of the character’s shape.

Increase: At what Growth levels the Power becomes more potent. The effects of Growth on a Power is within the Power’s description.

Innate: Powers which are natural to the character, a part of their natural state which grants them advantages others do not have.

Permanent: The Power is always in effect.

Race: Which Races consider the Power to be Favored.

True: Powers which are obvious and are beyond what most people could accept as ‘normal’. All other Powers in comparison are subtle.

Using Powers

Powers are not simply ‘nifty tricks’ a character picks up. Each should be considered carefully. How does the character use their Power? How does it manifest? What does it look like? When a Power is used, it is not like some super hero comic book effect, the character is using a supernatural gift which may strike awe or fear into those who witness it. The Power may not be always available – a unicorn may gain the power of Bleeding, but that doesn’t mean that the unicorn can simply hit someone with a hoof and watch the person bleed to death – the unicorn horn is the source of such crippling injuries. Always look at how the Power is to be used, and ask yourself, does this make sense?

Affliction Powers

These Powers cause lingering effects. An Affliction remains activated for one Scene unless it is stated specifically otherwise. An Affliction must be part of an unarmed or natural attack by the character to be used unless specifically stated otherwise. A character may use multiple Afflictions as part of an attack, producing multiple effects at the same time.

Aging: Omi-Kami, Sidhe
Bleeding: Destroyer, Unicorn, Cepn
Discharge: Ifrit
Emanate Affliction: None
Infection: Destroyer, Ifrit, Phoenix, Unicorn
Paralysis: Animae, Angel, Devourer, Enticer
Scream: Destroyer, Djinn, Draconian
Vampirism: Devourer, Shade
Vulnerability: Daeva, Enticer, Sidhe, Yokai
Weakness: Archon, Devourer, Yokai

Charm Powers

Charm Powers are used to manipulate ad control the emotions and thoughts of others. With the use of Charm Powers, a character gains a level of influence that most others can only dream of. When a character is attacked with a Charm Power, they may spend 1 Essence to add their Integrity to their Resolve to set the Difficulty of the attack. Opponents attacked by a Charm Power may spend 1 Essence to increase their defensive Trait by the character’s Meditation Skill.

Beckon: Archon, Devourer, Enticer, Marid, Miko-Kami, Sidhe
Beguile: Animae, Daeva, Enticer, Griffin, Miko-Kami
Emanate Charm: None
Emotion: Enticer, Sidhe
Entrancement: Draconian, Enticer, Omi-Kami, Phoenix
Loosen Tongue: Archon, Enticer, Griffin, Lutrai, Sphinx
Nightmare: Omi-Kami, Sidhe, Shade, Yokai
Pheromone: Daeva, Enticer, Griffin

Form Powers

Form Powers are not normally Powers which can be activated and de-activated, but are instead changes to the character’s form, granting them abilities not normally available to the public. These Powers may be natural aspects of the character’s bloodline, or could be a throwback to a more primitive time in history when such forms were natural to the character’s species.

Additional Limbs: Dao, Destroyer, Djinn, Ifrit, Marid, Shade
Blending: Animae, Archon, Djinn, Koba, Miko-Kami, Shade, Sphinx
Hydra: None
Leap: Cepn, Dao, Destroyer, Hoomiku, Pegasus, Savage, Shade, Unicorn
Lope: Dao, Destroyer, Lapix, Savage, Skole, Unicorn
Natural Weapons: Destroyer, Ifrit, Koba, Lapix, Marid, Skole
Quills: Destroyer, Draconian
Taur: Sphinx
Tendrils: Devourer, Marid
Venom: None
Wings: Angel, Archon, Daeva

Innate Powers

Innate powers are powers which augment the natural talents of a character, and can be seen as part and parcel of what the character is. Innate powers are often subtle and unseen until they are used, and can be mistaken for natural talent. Most Innate Powers are automatic, needing no actions from the character to use.

Alacrity: Djinn, Hoomiku, Lutrai, Skole, Yokai
Ambush: Cepn, Hoomiku, Savage, Shade, Skole, Yokai
Anti-Magic: Angel, Dao, Devourer, Hoomiku, Marid, Sidhe
Breathless: Angel, Dao, Djinn, Koba, Lutrai, Marid, Omi-Kami
Burrowing: Dao, Destroyer, Koba
Grounding: Djinn, Omi-Kami, Sidhe
Imitation: Cepn, Enticer, Miko-Kami, Shade, Sphinx
Iron Will: Daeva, Griffin, Ifrit, Lapix, Pegasus, Sidhe, Skole, Yokai
Resilience: Animae, Dao, Devourer, Draconian, Koba, Omi-Kami
Sense: Archon, Hoomiku, Lapix, Pegasus, Sphinx, Yokai
Sixth Sense: Archon, Oni, Griffin, Hoomiku, Lutrai, Skole
Strong Soul: Animae, Daeva, Griffin, Hoomiku, Lutrai, Miko-Kami, Yokai
Tireless: Savage, Unicorn
Tolerance: None
Vitality: Daeva, Draconian, Lapix, Savage
Water Baby: Marid

True Powers

True powers are those which are not easily explained, and have obvious supernatural connotations. Most true powers are considered ‘magic’ by those who witness them, and are treated accordingly. Those who use such Powers blatantly are marked as ‘unnatural’ more often than not.

Aura: Angel, Ifrit, Daeva
Blink: Archon, Djinn, Miko-Kami, Pegasus
Dragon Breath: Ifrit, Phoenix
Cling: Animae, Cepn, Devourer, Koba, Marid, Shade
Flight: Djinn, Ifrit
Immortal: Animae, Archon, Miko-Kami, Pegasus, Phoenix
Incorporeal: Djinn, Ifrit, Omi-Kami, Shade
Invulnerable: Angels, Dao, Devourer, Marid
Longevity: Animae, Daeva, Griffin, Lutrai, Sidhe
Ray: Omi-Kami, Phoenix, Unicorn
Regeneration: Phoenix, Yokai
Spirit: Animae, Miko-Kami
Telepathy: Angel
Tongues: Angel, Sphinx
Transform: Miko-Kami, Omi-Kami