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Duration: Scene
Essence Cost: 5 (p)
Requirement: Spiritual 8
Type: Action
The character can attempt to take over the body of another by projecting their soul into the target. This is a Spiritual Attribute + Possession roll against a Difficulty equal to the target’s Resolve. If the target is unwilling, they may spend 5 Essence to increase the Difficulty by their Awareness. Once the character has control of the body, they can use their Gifts and Magic while in the body. They also use their own Mental and Spiritual Attributes, but the target’s Physical and Social Attributes. They have access only to their own Abilities, Skills and memories, but they have access to the Powers of the target. Talents are case-by-case. If the character’s original body is slain, they may spend the Experience Points to make the possession permanent, but this requires an additional Spiritual + Possession roll with the same Difficulty as before. Failure results in the death of the character at the end of the Scene.