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The Cosmology

Kith Kanaan is not the only continent on the world, and the world itself is suspended in space full of stars in the sky and a sun and moon. Most who live upon Kith Kanaan will be lucky if the ever visit another continent, let alone travel beyond the material Plane their reality exists in. There are ways, however to transcend into other planes of existence. However they operate on very different rules and most are hostile to life as it is known in Kith Kanaan.

The Elemental Planes

Comprised almost entirely of one of the 'Prime Elements' as discussed in magical theory and some belief systems, these planes are home to the forces of air, earth, fire and water. Each is ruled over by powerful elemental spirits, such as those bartered with by practioners of the Path of Suleiman magic. Additionally, spells such as 'Fireball' or 'Conjure Water' draw briefly from the related element of these planes, utilizing them for their sorcery.

The Astral Plane

A grey and dismal realm that links into the Material, it is commonly used as a sort of 'roadway' for interplanar travel. Also, their are certain mental powers that tap into access of this plane for travel or study.

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