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The character can take a Spell and grant it a permanent duration. The Spell must be cast with a duration of Concentration. The Casting Time of the Spell increases to Rounds rather than Phases. If the Spell is interrupted at any time, it can not be made permanent. Once the Spell has been cast, the character spends a number of DP equal to the Potency of the Spell, and the Essence used for the Spell is no longer committed. A Permanent Spell can be quelled by effects which dispel magic, but will recover at the end of the Scene, otherwise it recovers immediately upon the end of the duration of a dispelling effect.

A character may only have a number of permanent spells cast upon them equal to their Growth. If a new spell is placed upon them, the spell with the weakest Potency is removed (which may be the spell just cast on them). In the case of all spells having the same Potency, the oldest spell is removed.

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