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Income Skill, Specialty Skill
The Skill to be able to perform in a way pleasing to an audience. The character must choose one Specialty each time this Skill is taken. This Skill may only be used with a Specialty that the character possesses. If the character does not have the appropriate Specialty, the character rolls Unskilled. While performing, the character must first decide whether they are being Inspiring (Spiritual + Perform) or that they wish to be Popular (Social + Perform). The character makes a Results Roll, to create a Potency for their performance. The performance takes at least a number of minutes equal to the Difficulty. If the character is in an area where they might get money for their performance, the Resource value of the performance is equal to the character’s Skill plus the number of Successes rolled. Income can only be gained once per day in this matter, and if the result is less than the character’s current Resources, the character’s Resources remain unchanged.

Example Specialties
Brass, Dancing, Drums, Massage, Poetry, Singing, String, Wind

Those who witness the character’s performance regain a number of Essence points equal to the Potency of the performance. A character can only benefit from a performance once per day.

The character tries to draw attention and the favour of the audience. The character gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the performance’s Potency on all Social rolls for the Scene.

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