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The Pathfinders are the holy guides of Selene, dedicated to aiding those who have lost their way. These individuals explore and live in the wilderness, using the untouched wild as a source of inspiration and self-reflection. As guides, they can lead others through the wilds, helping them to reach their destinations, but the Pathfinders also work as spiritual guides, providing insight and enlightenment to those they travel with.


Skills: Perform, Survival
Status: Private, Religious
Resources: 10
Region: New Noctae

Symbol: A harp with an Arrow

Orders Abilities

Music of the Spheres

The Pathfinder can augment their miracles by performing intricate songs to help them focus. When performing a miracle, the Pathfinder may use the Perform Skill, either by singing or playing a musical instrument. The miracle takes a number of additional Rounds equal to the Difficulty of the Miracle, but the Pathfinder gains (Might) bonus dice on the roll.

Silence Anathema

Miracle, Ritual
The Pathfinder can remove the ability of others to speak. By making a (Spiritual + Occultism) D Resolve roll against an individual and spending 1 Essence, the Pathfinder can strip the person of their ability to speak or make any vocal sound for (Potency) Rounds. If the Pathfinder is willing to spend (Target's Might) Essence instead, the duration of this effect extends to Hours instead of Rounds. If the Pathfinder is willing to sacrifice an equal amount of Health, the duration extends to Days. If the Pathfinder is willing to sacrifice Essence, Health, and an equal amount of DP, the effect is Permanent until the Pathfinder chooses otherwise.

Know the Path

The Pathfinder is naturally suited to being able to survive and flourish in the wild, and finds a degree of peace while in untouched territory. The Pathfinder chooses (Might + 5) Skills from the following list: Athletics, Awareness, Climb, Diplomacy, Endurance, Herbalist, Integrity, Lore, Medicine, Meditation, Perform, Presence, Stealth, Survival, Swim. By spending one Essence, the Pathfinder gains (Might) Additional Successes when using the chosen Skills for the Scene.