Path of the Runecaster

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Path of the Amairgin

  • Source: Cthonic
  • Affinity: N/A
  • Attribute: Mental
  • Effects: N/A
  • Titles:
    • Growth 1:
    • Growth 3:
    • Growth 5:
    • Growth 7:
  • Favored Races: Beliel
  • Favored Nations: Lo'Kar

Path of Rune Casting Source: Cthonic Effects: N/A School: N/A

Benefits Growth 0: Those who train in this school sacrifice speed and ease for flexability. Before the rune caster can even begin to work spells, they must first craft the runes that will allow them access to the Cthonic source. The rune caster begins by crafting a School Rune. This is a Physical + Craft (Stone) roll with a Difficulty determines by which School the rune caster wishes to use. (Conjuration: 8, Evocation: 3, Divination: 6, Phantasm: 4, Restoration: 5, Transmutation: 7) The rune takes (Difficulty - Successes) hours to carve, with a minimum time of one hour. The rune caster is allowed only one rune, but can make a second School rune at Growth 3, 5, and 7. Crafting a School Rune depletes the crafte's Essence.

Once done, the rune caster may create Effect Runes. The rune caster can choose any Spell Effect, and can design a rune for it. This is a Passive Physical + Craft (Stone) roll. If the rune caster gets more Successes than the number of Effect Runes they currently possess, the rune is crafted. This takes one hour to craft, and depletes the rune caster's Essence in the process. The rune caster is allowed (2 x Might) Effect Runes.

The rune caster, when casting a spell, places the runes in a specified order, laying them out to perform an Effect. Most rune casters use a gauntlet with locking tiles, while others lay them out on the ground to invoke. Preparing a School is a Full Round Action, while preparing an Effect is a normal Action. Once the proper School and Effect is in place, the rune caster uses smaller Lesser Runes, placing them into position as they cast. The casting time is unchanged for spells unless the rune caster needs to alter the School Runes or Effect Runes.

Growth 1: The rune caster learns to be more efficient in attuning the runes being used. By increasing the amount of Essence being imbued into the runes as part of the casting of the spell, the rune caster can increase the effective Potency of the spell itself. The caster add up to (Might) Essence into the spell, and increase the effective Potency of the spell an equal amount if the spell succeeds. The caster must decide to do this before they attempt the spell and before they learn the final Difficulty of the spell they wish to cast.

In addition, the rune caster can create a Rune Set. This is effectively a rote - a series of runes linked together into one single, larger rune stone. If the rune caster has the proper School and Effect Runes prepared and uses a Rune Set, the casting time for the set is reduced to a single Action. If the rune is already in place, the rune caster may spend 2 additional Essence, reducing the casting of the rune set to an Instant Action.