Path of Nature

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There is a belief among the Giai'Shar that the world itself possesses a soul, and the energy within it can be touched by those who are sensitive enough to feel it. The shaman can see and feel this energy flowing through the world, infusing every rock, tree, and person. While the Path of Atter petitions the spirits of the world to enact change, the shamans of the Path of Nature instead coax and bend the energy of the world, touching the soul of Creation and causing it to respond. Through this path, the shaman can cause a flower to blossom or a tree to bear fruit, summon the wind and the rain, or call the beasts to rise against their enemies. All of this is possible, but done with a respect for the balance of nature. Draw too much energy, and the land may be harmed for it.

  • Attribute: Spiritual
  • School: Restoration
  • Source: Creation (Essence Flow)
  • Effects: Earth, Fire, Ice, Life, Plant, Spirit, Water, Wind