Path of Knowledge

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The Path of Knowledge taps into the primal reserve of knowledge that is known as The Grand Library. It is through the Goddess of Knowledge Melanie that acts as the librarian that this form of magic has been released into the world. This form of magic is more primal and has a more or less direct connection to the gods as all gods pass through the library from time to time in order to do their work. In order for mortals to access this form of magic they have to be given something akin to a divine invitation from a deity (any deity) or a 'Library Card'. This lets them access this path. Divine entities can walk into the library, however mortals can only interact through their minds eye while within creation. For a Mortal Casting they have to pass through the library in their minds eye, find the right book and if they're altering the present take the pen and write what they wish to occur within the book before it becomes the past and therefore unchangable.

  • Attribute: Mental
  • Effects: None
  • School: Divination
  • Source: The Grand Library

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