Path of Armaros

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  • Source: Inherited
  • School: Transmutation
  • Attribute: Spiritual
  • Effects: Arcane, Chaos, Glamour, Kismet, Order, Shadow, Spirit, Temporal
  • Titles: Armaros, Vjestica (female), Viestae (male)


The history of the Sinti is perhaps one of the closest kept secrets of the People, their lore kept in the hands of the elders of the various camps that travel across Kith Kanaan. The legends say that the Sinti arrived in Kith Kanaan first with the people of Anansie, dragged across the world by magic gone awry, while more arrived with the Joshuites, having crossed Midiron with the refugees from the heartlands. If asked, however, neither the scholars of Anansie nor of the Joshuites could tell you what nation the Sinti are from.

The magic used by the Sinti is uncommon, only manifesting in those of pure blood. Unlike nearly every other form of magic, the magic of the Sinti is inherited, passed from parent to child as long as the blood line is kept intact. Scholars of the Brotherhood have studied this problem and concluded that the Sinti are an aberration in the Tapestry, as if they came from somewhere else, and that the Tapestry is attempting to assimilate them. The magic of the Sinti is a part of this aberration, and not a part of anything found in Creation, and thus the Tapestry has attempted to ‘correct’ this peculiarity.

A Sinti with pure blood will come into their magic in their teenage years, though a few whose blood has been diluted may not find themselves capable of magic until their adult years. Once it has been realised the Sinti is capable of magic, they are taken to a vjestica for training. If the Sinti is male, they are expected to dress and act as a woman during their apprenticeship, emphasizing that the magic of the Sinti is matrilineal. Apprentices are trained until their mentor is satisfied with their knowledge and ability. This may be a matter of months, or years, depending on the vjestica and her relationship with the apprentice.

The apprentice is trained in the history of the Sinti, which stretches far back into the days of the lost city of Enoch, and beyond. This oral tradition is kept carefully intact, and the apprentice is expected to be able to tell the story of the Sinti verbatim without any errors or changes. The apprentice swears to keep their blood, and the memory of the Sinti, pure. Once the vjestica is satisfied, the apprentice is released and declared a full ‘witch’ of the Sinti.

Benefits of the Path of Armaros

The Armaros learned long ago that their understanding of fate was somehow severed upon coming to Creation, and that they would need to alter their understanding of the world if they wished their magic to survive. To facilitate this understanding, the goddess Talis granted them access to her brother’s Fate Cards, allowing them the ability to peer at the Tapestry through the art of divination. The Sinti adopted these cards and created their own version, which are now called talis cards. While these cards are used for divination and, the Armaros learned that the cards were useful for a number of different effects.

The Armaros can craft a talis card by choosing the card’s effect from the list below and then makes a Results Roll (Spiritual + Occultism) and spends (Difficulty) Essence. It takes one day to craft a talis card, and requires the Hero spend 1 Resource for materials. A card may have up to (Growth) effects when crafted, with each additional effect requiring +1 Difficulty and +1 Resources. The appearance of the card should be appropriate to any effects the card possesses. Once completed, the card may be inlaid at a later time to add an effect to the card. This requires a (Spiritual + Artistry) D (Card Potency) roll. The Hero must pay (number of effects) Essence and Resources. If successful, the card is augmented, though it does not suffer a change in Potency. A talis card is very resilient, having a Hardness of 10 even though it is crafted from a thin slice of wood. When activating a card, the user pays the Essence Cost for the effect desired. Once activated, all other effects are frozen and can not be used until the active effect has ended. The user may end any effect as an Instant Action.

  • Effects and Abilities
Spirit The card has an iconic spirit, represented on the face of the card. By spending 3 Essence and an Action, the spirit manifests from the card and assists the user of the card for the Scene. To construct the spirit, the Armaros ‘spends’ Potency on the different aspects the spirit will possess. This does not reduce the Potency of the card itself. Once assigned, the spirit’s Traits can not be changed. The spirit gains any other effects the card possesses.
Attributes Begin at 1. Each 1 Potency will increase an Attribute by 1. Not restricted by the spirit’s Growth.
Size Begins at 0. Each 1 Potency increases or decreases the spirit’s Size by 1.
Skills Begins at 0. Each 1 Potency grants 5 Skill Points. Not restricted by the spirit’s Growth.
Talents Begins with none. Each 1 Potency grants 1 Talent. Restricted by the spirit’s Growth.
Powers Begins with one Power. Each 3 Potency grants one additional Power.
Equipment The spirit may have equipment. Each piece of Equipment costs (Resource Cost / 3) Potency.
Power The Hero may add (Growth) Powers to the card. To gain these Powers, the user of the card spends 3 Essence and an Action, granting them access to all Powers the card possesses for the Scene.
Skill The Hero may add (Growth) Skills to the card. To gain these Skills, the user of the card spends 1 Essence and an Action, granting them access to all Skills at (Half Potency) for the Scene. If the user’s Skill is already superior, this Skill is of no benefit.
Spell The Hero may add one Spell to the card. The Spell must have a base Essence Cost and Modified Difficulty no higher than the card’s Potency. Using the Spell only costs 3 Essence and an Action, and rolls (Spiritual + Occultism) for the Invocation when unleashing the spell from the card. An additional spell may be inlaid at Growth 3, 5, and 7. These spells may use any Spell Effect, and are not restricted to those known by the Armaros.

An Armaros may only create (Might x 10) cards at a time. If a talis card is destroyed, the Armaros may craft a new one, but if the card is lost, stolen, or given away, it counts against the number of cards the Hero is capable of creating. The Hero can sense any cards they have created as a Free Action. If the card is within (Might x 10) metres, the Hero knows exactly where the card is, otherwise, the Armaros only knows what rough direction the card is in. Anyone with a talis card may learn how to use it – for each day of experimentation, the user will gain knowledge of one effect the card possesses.

Lesser Fate

(5 DP, Requires Growth 1) The Armaros have learned to see the strands of fate that surrounds all things, and can attempt to manipulate this fate. Unfortunately, the Armaros are unable to manipulate their own fates, these were severed long ago. Manipulating fate is more difficult for those who carry destiny on their shoulders, and is easier for those who carry only the lightest touch of fate. As an Action, the Armaros can spend (Target’s Growth) Essence to alter the fate of the subject. The Difficulty of the subject’s next roll is either increased or decreased by half the Armaros’ Might.

Avoid Fate

(10 DP, Requires Growth 3) The Armaros are quite skilled at getting themselves out of trouble. By observing the fate of an area around them, they can discern actions to come, and arrange to not be a part of them. The Armaros spends (Growth) Essence, and can not be part of an event or series of actions in the scene – the Armaros takes actions that coincide with being overlooked or absent from the events to come. Essentially, for the scene, any actions or events that target the Armaros fail instantly, as long as the Armaros does nothing more than to try to avoid becoming involved in the series of events.

Greater Fate

(15 DP, Requires Growth 5) Gaining a deeper understanding of fate, the Armaros is much more efficient at tweaking the fortunes of others. By spending (Target’s Growth) Essence, the Armaros can make a (Spiritual + Occultism) Results Roll. The Potency of the roll can either add or subtract from the Difficulty of any roll made by the opponent for (Might) rolls.

Eclipse Fate

(20 DP, Requires Growth 7) The Armaros may convince fate that an action intended for them was truly intended for someone else. The threads of the Armaros are so dim, it becomes easy to draw fate towards the brighter threads of those around them. By spending (Target’s Growth) Essence, the Armaros directs a roll made against them towards the target instead. The roll, and the outcome of that roll, uses the new target rather than the Armaros.