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The Pantheons of Kith Kanaan

Below are the four major religions of Kith Kanaan, and the members of each religion. Listed with each are the allies associated with each group, and how they inter-connect.

The Arin Pantheon

  • Arion: Solar God, head of the Pantheon, Husband of Mika.
  • Mika: Wife of Arion, Mother of Dragons
  • Sanguine: Lunar Goddess, God Slayer
  • Mana: Celestial Goddess of Magic
  • Maya / Zillah: Goddess of the Earth and Underworld, Wife of Tsunami.
  • Tsunami: God of the Sea and Sky, Husband of Maya/Zillah.
  • Murrimi: Goddess of Dreams, Daughter of Maya and Tsunami.
  • Tarot and Talis: God and Goddess of Chance and Fate, Twins, children of Arion (mother unknown).
  • Kyle: Wayward Son of Arion and Mika. (Not actively worshipped)
  • Tamper: Wayward Brother of Arion. (Not actively worshipped)

Named Archons

  • Dove: Archon of Life
  • Khett: Archon of Death
  • Shaden: Archon of Silence
  • Tuoqui: Archon of Music

The Celestial Court

  • Amaterasu Omikami: Solar Goddess, head of the Pantheon.
  • Tsukiyomi (Onnotangu): Lunar God
  • Benzaiten: Fortune of Art, Beauty, Knowledge, Music, and Eloquence.
  • Bishamonten: Fortune of Warfare and Honourable Combat.
  • Daikoku: Fortune of Wealth, Commerce, and Trade.
  • Ebisu: Fortune of Good Luck, Fishermen, Merchants, and Workers.
  • Fukurokuju: Fortune of Happiness, Longevity, Wealth, and Wisdom.
  • Hotei: Fortune of Abundance, Contentment, and Good Health.
  • Inari: Fortune of Rice and Foxes.
  • Kichijoten: Fortune of Beauty, Fertility, and Happiness.
  • Kishibojin: Fortune of Children, and Husbands and Wives.
  • Koki Teno: Mother of Kitsune.
  • Mikaten: Fortune of Harmony, Rebirth, and Retribution.
  • Vinasu: Fortune of Forests, Mysteries, and Secrets.

Numerous Fortunes

The Celestial Court is home to dozens of Gods and lesser Fortunes, thousands upon thousands of Ancestor Spirits, and the Celestial Dragons.

The Church of Joshua

  • Adonai: Solar God, Husband of Shekina. Primary God.
  • Shekina: Lunar Goddess, Wife of Adonai. Secondary Goddess.
  • Kushiel: Archangel of the Centre (Not actively worshipped)
  • Gabriel: Archangel of the West (Not actively worshipped)
  • Michael: Archangel of the South (Not actively worshipped)
  • Raphael: Archangel of the East (Not actively worshipped)
  • Urial: Archangel of the North (Not actively worshipped)

Numerous Angels

The Church of Joshua is home to Angels, some of which are named and respected as protectors.

The Rymnian Pantheon

  • Halus: God of the World (Father God, Deceased)
  • Kij: Solar Goddess
  • Nyx: Lunar Goddess
  • Arka: Goddess of Forests
  • Cera: Goddess of the Air
  • Ixra: Goddess of the Fire
  • Mera: Goddess of the Ocean

Outside Faiths

  • Jaga Baba: Ruler of the Northern Wilds
  • Simba: The Summer Lion of the Anaji Plains
  • The Snowed One: The Winter Unicorn of D'Remes

Alliances and Notes

  • The Rymnian Pantheon is protected by the Arin Pantheon. Arion is the guardian of Kij, while Sanguine is the guardian of Nyx.
  • Mikaten is the Naipon manifestation of Mika. The two are considered different entities by most of the Naipon faith.
  • Vinasu is the Naipon manifestation of Mana. The two are considered different entities by most of the Naipon faith.
  • Shekina is not worshipped by most of the Joshuite Faith, though it has been picked up by some heretical groups.
  • There is a movement in Tarantis which combined the worship of Mana with the worship of Shekina.