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In the realm known as Rym, the god Halus had six beautiful daughters. The people of Rym prospered under their guidance, flourishing and spreading across Rym while the gods watched and guided them.

Once race, however, grew haughty. They created constructs that worked for them, tailored themselves to be stronger and smarter as their hunger for knowledge and power consumed them. Ultimately, their arrogance destroyed them, when they created the City Mind.

The City Mind turned against the gods, creating Machines of such destruction that even the gods were threatened. One by one the gods fell, until all that was left was Kij. The lutrai protected Kij, hiding her from the machines and the coming of an even greater threat – the Spiral.

Aeons later

The lutrai discovered Kith Kanaan. They spread to the vibrant world, bringing with them the worship of Kij. Here, they found a haven, protected from the predations of both the madness of the Machines, and the soul-devouring Spiral. Kij grew stronger, her faith spreading through Kith Kanaan.

In 1026

Less than thirty years after the discovery of Kith Kanaan, a lone cepn found the secrets of his patron goddess, Nyx. He led a small group into Rym, guided by his faith until he was able to find her remains. With fortune on his side, he was able to resurrect the goddess, and flee back to Kith Kanaan with her, reuniting her with her twin, Kij. The victory bolstered the faith, and became a rallying point of hope.

In 1027

The Emerald Adepts learned that magic was fading from Rym, the death of the four elemental goddesses draining the very essence from the world. The Adepts, as a show of respect for their allies, threw themselves into the elemental realms of Rym, hunting down the remnants of the four goddesses. Only after many sacrifices did they return victorious, though the price was nearly Kith Kanaan and the infection of the Spiral spreading to their world.

While the Adepts were exploring Rym, the cepn who had revived Nyx journeyed into the Realm of Nightmares, guided by his goddess to recover the Nightmare Box. Contained within was the Solinar Codex, the sacred book of the Solinar. Fortune smiled upon the gods of Rym once more, as destroying the Box and revealing the Codex was enough to drive the Spiral from Kith Kanaan, while redeeming the cepn in the eyes of the gods of Rym.

The Faith

While Kij and Nyx are the youngest of the goddesses of Rym, they hold the most worshippers within Kith Kanaan. Kij is the unspoken head of the Pantheon, and seen as the heir of Halus, while Nyx is seen as her silent protector and champion. The elemental goddesses are the newest members of the new Rymnian Faith, and have only just begun the process of securing their place within Kith Kanaan. At this time, they gladly accept Kij’s guidance.

The Rymnian Pantheon is protected and supported by the Arin Faith. It is said that the Solinar known as Lairu was perhaps a reincarnation of Arion, guided to serve Kij. This theory is supported by the presence of Mika as Lairu’s wife. Each of the Rymnian gods have a supported within the Arin faith, providing shelter, support, and training as needed.

  • Kij is supported by Arion.
  • Nyx is supported by Sanguine.
  • Arka and Ixra are supported by Maya.
  • Cera and Mera are supported by Tsunami.

In addition, Mana has taken special interest in the four elemental goddesses, as they are the providers of magic to Rym. As such, the Mysteries of Mana have begun to trade knowledge with the followers of the elemental goddesses, providing education in the magic of Kith Kanaan, in exchange for the secrets of magic on Rym.

Spell Effects

A number of the Orders for the Rymnian Faith gain access to Spell Effects. The Potency of these Effects is equal to the character’s Might. When it mentions a ‘Spell or Benefit’, treat this as the Ability being used.

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