Orders of R'tal

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Eyes of the Mist

Symbol: A royal purple unicorn in silhouette over a black field.
Region: R'tal
Titles: Apprentice, Mentor

Eyes History

Once, the Queen of R’Tal was marked with infernal power, driving her into madness and corruption. Through the interference and manipulation of an infernal who served the Goddess of Balance and a powerful mortal mage, the taint that infused her soul was bound by dark faerie magic and transformed into a potent weapon while the Queen herself was freed from damnation.

Now, the Queen of R’Tal is the spiritual heart of her nation, and over time has begun to test and refine her gifts, imbuing those who serve her with a portion of her power. As they learn and grow, her control over the nation and her agents grows as well.

Those who join this Order act as the eyes, ears, and hands of the Royal Family of R’Tal acting as the Queen’s agents. At times, members of the Order experience ‘missing time’, or feel a guiding hand which directs them. Most understand that the price for power is swearing one’s soul to the Queen, though as time has progressed, this ‘price’ is not talked of as much anymore.

Order Abilities

Blackened Sight (Eyes of the Mist Ritual)

The character spends a Full Round Action and 2 Essence, choosing one shadowed area within line of sight. The character projects their senses to the location, allowing the character to hear and see as if from the location for as long as the character desires. While this Ritual is active, the character is incapable of seeing or hearing at their current location, and their eyes appear to turn into hollow pits. The character’s senses can move in the area chosen as long as they remain in the shadows chosen. If the shadows are extinguished, the effect immediately ends.

Legion of One (Eyes of the Mist Investiture)

The character is imbued with a greater connection to the Order. By sacrificing a point of Essence and a Full Round Action the character can share information with every other member of the Order with this Ability, and glean insights from the others they are connected to. When using this Ability, the character gains a number of Additional Successes on a single Mental-based Skill roll equal to the number of Actions sacrificed, plus the character’s Might.

Shadow Sentinel (Eyes of the Mist Benefit)

By spending an Instant Action and 2 Essence, the character can shroud themselves in shadow, becoming partially insubstantial and blending in with the shadows around them. The character may use this Ability as an Active Defence, and if the attacker gains less Successes than the character’s Might, the character’s activation of this Ability happens before the attack strikes. While this Ability is active, the character reduces the Damage of all physical attack by and against them by the character’s. Growth. In addition, the character gains a number of Minimum Successes equal to their Might on any Stealth rolls involving hiding or moving in shadows. While in this state, the Speed of the character is reduced to half normal. The character can still run or move normally without ending the Ability, but all Speed values are reduced.