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The offspring of the Celestial Courts are simply called Okami, to represent their great status. Most Okami have a faint, golden glow about them, signifying their spiritual heritage. The children of the gods are watched by the servants of the Celestial Court, and while their blood grants them heightened status within their caste, they are still expected to act with honour. As such, most Okami are treated as high ranked samurai if their mortal parent were samurai, while those of lower rank are usually sent to join a monastery, granting them a higher level of status, and removing them from the lower castes. Members of the Arin and Rymnian Faiths treat Okami with respect but usually keep their distance due to the conflicting belief structures of the cultures. Joshuites consider Okami to either be nothing special, or to be influenced by spirits and to be sent away from Joshuite-controlled regions.

Merit (Authority)

The character spends an Instant Action, becoming beautiful and terrifying to behold for the Scene. Anyone attempting to act in a manner which is not truly respectful and courteous or who wishes to perform a hostile Action against the character loses a number of Successes equal to the character’s (Growth). If the target who is hostile or disrespectful has a Resolve higher than the character’s Growth + 3, they may spend 2 Essence for each Action they wish to remain free of the influence of the Merit’s. Any action which does not involve a roll made against the character are done in the most polite manner possible or are simply not done at all while failed actions are averted due to deference to the character’s ‘superiority’.

Favoured Powers

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