Oath of the Jewel Maiden

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Each Peace Keeper has the choice to swear an Oath to the Jewel Maiden. This Oath reinforces the Pact made between the Jewel Maiden and the Peace Keepers. Any divine or faerie who is loyal to Anaitha or Naipon will not harm the Peace Keepers, and must in fact defer to the Peace Keepers. In exchange, the Peace Keepers will not attack, summon, bind, or banish the divine or faerie races of Anaitha and Naipon. This pact does not protect divine or faerie entities who are loyal to neither Anaitha nor Naipon. Additionally, the Peace Keeper is free to passthrough the Anaithan Woods without fear. Additionally, Peace Keepers who take this Oath are blessed by the Jewel Maiden. Any divine or faerie creature who takes an offensive action against the Peace Keeper feels a sudden sense of dread, and must spend a number of Essence points equal to the Peace Keeper’s Spiritual Attribute with each action. If the creature does not have enough Essence, their fear overpowers them, preventing the creature from attacking.

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