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Created in the image of the Rymian cepn, the nizril (nizz-real) are a sullen, silent race of bat like humanoids who dwell deep beneath the earth. They are slender and light, generally in the range of five to five and a half feet tall, with narrow features and dark, nebulous eyes. Nizril have supple, leathery wing membranes under their arms that allow them to glide short distances, or recover from falls. Males tend to be a little larger than females. The Nizril speak the language of their ancestors, which is shared by their cousin races the Kizril and the Chimera, which is completely inaudible to most other races. They are able to learn other languages, but most never leave their caves, making them one of the rarest race for others to encounter. Generally, nizril can only use special weapons and armor built for their light frames and shortage of fingers. Like bats, Nizril prefer to sleep in high places, and always upside-down, gripping with their long, clawed toes.

The Nizril culture, is highly based on the cepn culture of old. The nizril are obsessed with two things: sleep, and death. While such a fascination may seem excessively morbid, it has a purpose. The nizril believe that killing another sentient being cannot be justified unless the killer himself understands death. Their society is one of concentric circles, where the young move gradually towards the center. Each advancement involves complex and often agonizing rituals, tests, and sacrifices until, at the centre, the young nizril stands face to face with death itself, gaining true respect for its nature and purpose. A nizril kills gently, painlessly, with an eerie tenderness. They will always close the eyes of their enemies if possible.

For all their grim nature, the nizril are capable of more than just gothic reflection and death. They are skilled artisans, who enjoy the making art especially when it show the balance of the circles and flow of life and death. Unlike their ancestors, nizril do get along with their own kind, forming stronger bonds then the Rymian cepn ever would; though they still can form very strong attachments to members of other races, be it love or simply admiration.

Nizril are primarily carnivores and blood drinkers, being vampire bats by their nature. They prefer their meals to be rare, or even raw, as the more blood meat has the more flavor it has to them. Meat that is thoroughly cooked, is almost dry and tasteless to them regardless how other races try to make up for it with seasonings or such. They will even drink blood from from the living, using their fangs to make a hole in the skin and drink the blood from the wound. This is mostly only done with willing partners, and considered the greatest gift that can be given. Drinking blood from the unwilling, is a taboo and are marked with the symbol for blood, losing all status in their circle and are seen as outcasts and are usually exiled from the caves.