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Race: Omi-Kami, Sidhe, Shade, Yokai
Action: Full Round Action
Duration: Instant (Activation), Constant (Effect)
Essence: 4
Increases: 1, 4, 7

The character plucks the darkest nightmares from the target’s mind, and turns them into a terrible reality for the victim. The character rolls Social + Empathy against the victim’s Resolve, gaining one Additional Success for each Action sacrificed in the Round. For each Success the character gains, the target loses one Success on any Rolls as their nightmares and fears plague them and the real world can only be seen in flashes or as part of the nightmare landscape painted for them. As long as the character spends one Action each Round to keep the effect active, the nightmares and visions continue. At Growth 4, the target’s Resolve is considered two less for this Power. At Growth 7, the target’s Resolve is considered four less for this Power.

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