New World Tapestry

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'The Tapestry' is something that all creations need and we will very soon need to make it and give it the proper metaphor. For this, I believe that the proper metaphor for our tapestry would be a library of knowledge of past, present and possibly the near and distant future. While this mystical library was formed by all of us. I believe that the reason I was pulled here was partly because I was the Avatar of the Archon of Music, charged with protecting that tapestry from those mortals who would abuse the Aria to rend the tapestry.

The past will be accessible through books with pages of metal which cannot be altered (as per previous Primal vote). The present will be written down in books and once solidified and codified would turn into the books of the past. The future would be partially written (in bits and pieces for the most part) on parchment, it is only by the hand of the divine will there be predestiny in any way shape or form or any method to access it (as per previous Primal vote). This form of 'predestiny' will tell of the end result however and not the path to get to the end result and will be available to all deities for their own followers as they see fit provided it does not step on another deities followers toes (IE. Writing that X kills Y) without cooperation of the other deities involved.

I will also be developing a method of sorcery to tap into our tapestry called the Path of Knowledge. It will tie into our metaphor by using the right knowledge (the books of iron), selecting the right book they can alter what is being written and change what is happening. It will be accessible to all divinities without question and to mortals who the divinities grant the mystical equivalent of a 'Library Card' to.